Best Printing Calculators

Accounting is one of the most critical aspects of any business. While technology has been changing the way many other aspects of a business are handled, there have been fewer changes in how accounting is handled. The need to go paperless, for instance, is not considered important by accounting firms or the accounting departments of other businesses. This is majorly because there is always a need to keep some form of physical evidence of financial transactions for legal purposes and verification of data. The printing calculator is another thing that has not and will probably never change in the field of accounting.

Printing calculators make calculations for accounting purposes easier and more convenient. They are equipped with special features that make them perfect for performing complex calculations needed for accounting such as tax keys. The fact that they can print copies of every calculation is their most important characteristics. Since they are mostly compact and have fast reliable printers, these special calculators can be used in all kinds of commercial places. They are ideal for home offices too and will be helpful for budgeting and tax purposes.

With a market that is seriously flooded with many brands of printing calculators, finding the right one to buy can be very challenging. To help make the process easier for you, we have researched extensively to identify the top products you can grab right now. We will also provide some important information that will help you pick the perfect option for your unique need.

Top 7 Best Printing Calculators

1. Casio HR-100TM

Casio HR-100TM Mini Desktop Printing Calculator

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This is unarguably one of the all-time best printing calculators you can find. Made by the biggest name in the industry, it is a perfect printing calculator for home and office use. The compact device will fit into limited desktop space. It has 12 hard plastic digits that are easy to dial in. It also features a wide LCD which allows for quick reading of numbers. You won’t miss a thing when performing your calculations.

In spite of its size, the Casio HR-100TM mini printing calculator offers high functionality. It comes with several features that including tax and currency exchange, cost/sell/margin, decimal, item counter, round off, round up, and the grand total function. It prints at a speed of 2 lines per second on a 2 1/4-inch printing paper. This is good enough for a device of its quality and will speed up the process for you. The calculator also offers two-way power source as an AC-DC-4150 power adapter is supplied with it. It will also work with 4 AA batteries. Overall, this is a top performing calculator that is incredibly affordable too.

2. Sharp EL-1197PIII

Sharp EL-1197PIII Heavy Duty Color Printing Calculator with Clock and Calendar

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This is a commercial 12 digit printing calculator that will make an important impact in any office. It is the perfect device for any advanced user in a busy business environment. It is well built for extra heavy duty durability and features a professional keyboard layout with a left-side total key. It features a blue fluorescent display which denotes punctuation. The keys in this calculator are engineered with Microban Antimicrobial protection, which protects the calculator and the user from potentially dangerous microbes that can also cause odor and discoloration.

This heavy-duty printing calculator from Sharp has all the advanced functions you will need from a commercial accounting calculator including automatic discounts/add-ons, percent changes, and cost/sell/margin keys. It also offers fast printing speed of 4.3 lines per second in two colors. This calculator comes with Clock and Calendar, which is not something you find in many printing calculators: it supports time calculations and printing for professionals who charge per hour. It is AC powered.

3. Victor Technology PL8000

Victor Technology PL8000 Thermal Printing Calculator

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This is one of the most valuable printers for a busy office. It is a 14 digit printer that offers extra duty durability for everyday use. The large 2-color back-lit display is easy to read, enhancing error-free calculations. Featuring financial, loan, and time calculations, this is one of the best calculators you can find anywhere. It is also affordable, which is surprising, considering the features that come with it.

When it comes to functionality, there is hardly any printing calculator you can compare to this. It features an innovative prompt logic which guides users to perform all kinds of financial and business calculations. It is also the only known printing calculator with a ‘HELP’ key to enable users to understand how to use it better. There are loads of other important features including two independent tax keys, currency conversion, constants in multiplication and division, percentage add-on and discount, time/date, change sign, item count, fully selectable decimal settings, 4 key independent memory and several others. It prints at an incredible speed of 8.0 lines per second, making it one of the fastest printing calculators. This is one of the most advanced calculators and is super affordable too.

4. Canon MP11DX

Canon MP11DX Printing Calculator

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This is another excellent multipurpose printing calculator that will be incredibly useful to the busy professional in all kinds of commercial settings. It is one of those calculators that make complex calculations easier with sophisticated and useful features. It also comes with an angular screen that makes reading numbers easier and faster. The high quality 12-digit numeric display is one of the many reasons you will fall in love with this calculator. It has a fluorescent screen that makes reading easy even in a low-lit environment.

Like all top printing calculators, the Canon MP11DX offers lots of incredible features including tax and currency conversion functions. It will also let you calculate the discount or the selling point based on the desired profit margin and cost. There is equally an independent memory key that will allow you to store a rate, making calculations more convenient. It has clock, calendar, as well as date and time functions too. With a printing speed of 3.7 lines per second, this is a very fast printing calculator. It also prints in two colors.

5. Victor 1460-4

Victor 1460-4 12 Digit Extra Heavy Duty Commercial Printing Calculator

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This is an excellent option for the everyday advanced user who works in a busy office. It is incredibly durable as it is well-built to survive the toughest working environment. It features an extra-large 17 mm fluorescent display that offers easy reading for error-free calculations. Considering that it is reportedly made with about 45% recycled material, this is a good choice for individuals who care about the environment. It has all the important features to improve efficiency in a busy office.

In terms of functionality, the Victor 1460-4 12 Digit Extra Heavy Duty Commercial Printing Calculator is a great device to have in any serious commercial setting. There are cost/sell/margin keys for quick and easy profit margin calculations. Other important keys include two independent tax keys, constants on multiplications and divisions, percentage add-on and discount, time/date, change key, item count, 4 key independent memory and several others. It prints at an incredible speed of 4.6 lines per second and offers reliable two-colored printing. It is AC powered and comes with 3-Year Manufacturer’s Standard warranty.

6. Sharp EL-1801V

Sharp EL-1801V Two-Color Printing Calculator

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This is one of the best personal printing calculators that can be used in small commercial settings or for home use. It is perfect for the occasional user who is never in a hurry to perform sophisticated accounting calculations. It is a standard 12-digit printing calculator with a super large fluorescent display that is very easy to read. It features a professional keyboard layout. It is a desktop printing calculator that will fit into a small or crowded desk with ease. It is also affordable.

In terms of functions, this is an excellent printing calculator with everything you need for small-scale accounting calculations. It has built-in mark-up and tax keys as well as a one-touch change calculation function. There are cost/sell/margin keys for quick and easy profit margin calculations. This calculator offers two color serial printing at a speed of 2.5 lines per second, which is fast and reliable for the occasional user in small and home offices. It is an AC powered.

7. Monroe UltimateX

Monroe UltimateX Heavy Duty 12-Duty Print Display Printing Calculator

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This is unarguably one of the best modern printing calculators for accountants today. Coming from the real inventor of the printing calculator, you can always expect this device to be reliable. This is one of the new products in the excellent new X-series of printing calculators from Monroe. It has an excellent 12 digit display (up to 18 millimeters in height) for easy viewing and error-free calculations.

This heavy-duty calculator has loads of incredible features that make accounting calculations easier. It offers reprint and editing capabilities, which is only one of many unique functions that come with Monroe’s Industry Exclusive Independent Keyswitch Technology. Since it is designed with two 4 key independent memories, you can solve multiple math problems. It prints at an impressive speed of 5 lines per second. Overall, this is an impressive printing calculator. The only problem is that it is relatively expensive.

Buying Guide

With lots of printing calculators available on the market today, it can be very difficult to choose the right one. We have done the best we can to find out the best at the moment and have reviewed them as briefly as possible. This aspect of the article will concentrate on the information you need to choose the right printing calculator that will meet your specific need.

Factors to consider when choosing a printing calculator

Though we have reviewed some of the best printing calculators on the market, it is still important that you understand how to choose the right products. There are specific factors that determine how helpful a calculator will be and these are the factors to consider when you want to buy. Here are the most important of these factors to consider when choosing a printing calculator:

Your specific need

The first thing to consider while picking a printing calculator is the nature of the work you are going to do with it. The volume of calculation and printing you will need to perform in a day should be considered so that you have a machine that will serve your specific need efficiently.


Depending on the tasks you need to perform with the printing calculator, buy a model that supports the advanced functions you need. In addition to the regular functions found in calculators, tax, percentage value, and memory key are some important functions to look for.


There is a need to buy a printing calculator that has a large display that you can easily read from. This will make your work easier and minimize the chances of making mistakes.


The speed at which a calculator process results is very important. For a printing calculator, the processing speed is also linked to the printing speed. Fast printing is very important, especially when you work in a busy office.

Build quality/durability

The durability of a printing calculator will depend largely on the build quality. The materials used and the design are very important factors. It is equally important to buy from reputable manufacturers. You should also look out for warranty.


Price is always an important factor to consider. While top-quality products may cost higher than inferior ones, price does not always define quality. If you have a sizeable budget, go for the very best calculators like the one reviewed here.

Frequently asked questions about printing calculators

What is the difference between printing calculators and other types of calculators?

The key differences between printing calculators and the regular ones include the ability to print and important advanced functions that make accounting easier. Printing calculators are specially designed for accounting purposes.

Do printing calculators take a lot of desk space?

Not necessarily, even the models described as heavy-duty printing calculators do not take up too much desk space. Several compact printing calculators can fit into very limited desk spaces.

What are the most important functions to look out for in a printing calculator?

In addition to the regular functions you will find in every calculator, the most important functions to look out for include date/time, item count, memory, printing tape, and cost/sell/margin functions. A calculator that prints in two colors is preferable too.

How do I clean the printing wheel of my calculator?

To clean the printing wheel of your calculator, remove the cover and the ink roller, insert the paper roll, place a small brush on the printing wheel and clean it by pressing. When you are done, place the ink roller back into the printer and put back the cover.


If you need a printing calculator, it is important that you buy the very best for your specific need. Here, we have reviewed some of the best options you can find on the market at the moment. All products featured here are from top manufacturers and have been positively reviewed by verified buyers and users. We hope that this buying guide will help you find the perfect printing calculating for your unique need.