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Slashdigit is a technology blog dedicated to providing comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth explainers, tutorials, and practical solutions to tech-related problems. Established in 2017, our mission is to share our knowledge and expertise to guide and cater to the ever-evolving needs of the tech consumers. By delivering accessible, informative, and reliable content, we strive to empower our readers and enable them to navigate the complex world of technology with confidence and ease.

What we do

Slashdigit.com is a growing resource consisting of thousands of high quality content and articles written by our team of tech writers in an easy to follow format on topics related to Android, iOS, Smartphones, Windows, PC, Software, Gears and more. Our content includes a wide range of formats including easy tips, besticles, how-to guides, reviews, and product recommendations.

Editorial Guidelines

We follow strict content policy guidelines to review and publish only genuinely helpful and factually correct information on our website. Here are a few processes that we follow for different formats of our content.

How-to Guides:

To understand the type of problems faced by users, we regularly surf different platforms and forums, listen to word of mouth from our friends, family, and acquittances but mostly cater from our own experiences. We then devise and come up with practical solutions that could solve the problem. We usually do this by studying and understanding the problem and sometimes replicating it (if feasible) and finding the cause of the problem and identifying ways and methods, at times through trial and error, to fix the specific problem in hand.

Tech Tips:

We do this by identifying and collating the best methods or ways that can help us achieve or solve the problem in the most easiest, efficient and smartest way possible.


Digital Products:

When recommending products, for example digital products like apps or software, we first make a rough list of the products to test for the specific use case. We then proceed to download and install each app or software we intend to test and review. We look for their features and functionalities and see if they fulfill the use case for which the test is performed. We then compare them with similar other products we test for the same use case and see how well they perform against each other in different parameters like, user-interface, user-friendliness, service accessibility, implementation, cost and overall result of the test. Finally, we come up with a recommended list of products that we feel are the best ones for the specific use case in discussion.

Physical Products:

When recommending physical products, we first look for the availabilty of the products for the specific use case in the marketplace. We then make a list of the products that are available and look for actual customer reviews in the marketplace as well as external sources both online and offline wherever mention of the product is available. We also refer unboxing and review videos from different reviewers and compare them in terms of features, specifications and overall performances. In scenarios, when products is/are available at our disposal, we review and test them ourselves for possible inclusion along with the reviews and tests from external reviewers. Finally, after the research and study is done, we collate and come up with the final list of products for recommendation.

Our Community

We are a growing community consisting of thousands of daily readers from different backgrounds who come to learn, find solutions or just need assistance with their tech.

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