7 Best Business Calculators

Every serious business person understands the need to evaluate different aspects of the business from time to time. To be able to do these, proper records need to be maintained and several business-related calculations must be carried out on a regular basis. Having a business calculator, therefore, is a necessity. In most instances, they are needed for everyday operations in different aspects or departments of the business.

A good business calculator comes with some functions that make it possible for the business person to perform different important calculations. It should be able to help the user calculate such parameters as sales, value-added tax, cash flow, retail sales/mark-up, financial ratios, stock valuation, balance sheet, depreciation, working capital needs, profit margin, inventory analysis, startup cost, and several others. Considering that all business calculations have to be very accurate, it is very important that you invest in the best business calculators. With lots of available options on the market, it can be quite difficult to identify the best one to buy.

To make your task easier, we’ve researched extensively to put together a list of the very best business calculators on the market and have also provided further information on how you can pick the perfect one for your specific need.

Top 7 Best Business Calculators

1. HP 12C Platinum

Hewlett Packet HP 12C Platinum

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This is a remarkable calculator that has been around for so long and remains one of the best options for business people. From the time it was launched until this moment, there has been lots of improvement to make it more helpful for business people and professionals. This version includes both RPN and algebraic entry and power to perform industry-specific calculations. It also offers four times more memory than the original version.

When it comes to design, the HP 12C platinum calculator is a premium device. It has a simple, easy to read 1-line-by-10-character display to make inputs and results clear and minimize chances of errors. The keypad layout is incredibly attractive. Functionality wise, this is also an excellent calculator. It has over 130 built-in functions that make calculations in real estate, banking, and finance jobs easier. It comes with batteries and a padded carrying case. You will understand better how to use this calculator by taking the free online training offered by HP experienced instructors.

2. Sharp EL-334WB

Sharp EL-334WB Business Calculator

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This is a large desktop business calculator that is perfect for most business professionals. It can be used in homes and offices for all kinds of business calculations. It is a beautifully-designed calculator with large durable plastic keys. It also features a large LCD that makes it easy to read inputs and processed results. It is also affordable.

The Sharp EL-334WB Business Calculator offers enough functions to make business calculations easier. The cost/sell/margin keys make profit margin calculation fast and easy: all you need to do is enter two variables and the third appears automatically. Other important functions include a grand total key, double zero key, automatic tax keys, percent key, backspace key, sign change, and 4 key independent memory. It works with long-lasting 1 LR44 batteries (included in the package). Automatic Power Down helps preserve battery life.


LITVZ 12-Digit Battery Dual Powered Handheld Electronic Business Calculator

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This is a simple desktop calculator with the right features to make everyday business calculations smoother. It is an ergonomically designed mini solar desktop calculator with the complete functions to meet various computing needs. It has a large 12-digit LCD that makes it easy to view inputs and processed results. It also has a percussion keyboard with comfort sensitive buttons that will most likely impress you.

The LITVZ DS-200ML is perfect for office, business, school and home use. It can fit into limited desk spaces. It is solar-powered and can also run on long-lasting batteries. Another impressive thing about this calculator is the fact that it is one of the cheapest calculators you will find anywhere.

4. Sharp EL-330WB

Sharp EL-330WB Standard Function Basic Desktop Calculator

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Another excellent business calculator from Sharp, this is one valuable device you will love to have on your desk for everyday business calculations. It is finished in a modern white design with durable plastic keys. Overall, it is quite sturdy and will stand the test of time. It also features a large angled 10-digit LCD that makes it easier to view inputs and processed results. It is also an affordable business calculator.

The Sharp EL-330WB comes with almost every function you need for everyday business calculation. In addition to the regular functions you will find in a typical calculator, it has cost/sell/margin keys that makes it quicker and easier to calculate profit margins: all you need to do is input two variables and the third will be automatically generated. It also comes with such other special functions like currency conversion, automatic tax keys, percent key, sign change, backspace key, and 4 k independent memory. This is a twin powered device that uses solar power when it is available and 1 LR44 battery when there is no adequate solar power. The batteries are long-lasting and the automatic power-down feature helps to prolong its lifespan.

5. Lily’s Home SW819

Lily's Home Jumbo 12-Digit Desktop Calculator

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This is a simple electronic calculator that can be used for everyday business calculations. While it is not the typical sophisticated business device, it offers incredible value for the money. All basic mathematical problems that need to be solved at homes and in little offices can be correctly handled by this device. It is a large calculator with a large, upright 12-digit display to make viewing inputs and results easy.

This Jumbo business calculator is ideal for regular business calculation like sales calculation. It may not be ideal for individuals that perform complex business calculations. It can handle memory calculations, work with percentages, and find square roots. It is a dual powered device that can use solar power or an alkaline battery when there is no adequate solar power. Battery life can also be prolonged by automatic turn-off that turns the calculator off when it is not used for 8 minutes.

6. OFFIDIX TEN0080-2

OFFIDIX TEN0080-2 Large Key Calculators Office Desktop Calculator

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This is an office desktop calculator from a trusted brand that will let you perform most business calculations at home or in your office. It has a simple yet interesting design that is sturdy enough to last for years. It is actually made of aluminum material for better protection. The size is great and can fit even in limited desk space. It also features a large angled LCD that makes viewing inputs and results easier for improved accuracy.

The OFFIDIX Large Key Calculator is ideal for office, business, school, store, mall, and home use. It has enough functions to let you perform most calculations you will want to perform in the regular business environment. It displays the symbol of the function you are using on the screen so that you can keep track of the operation step by step. It is a solar-powered calculator. You can also use it with 1 AA battery (not included in the package), which makes it useful under any condition.

7. Sweet Decoration 12 Digits

Sweet Decoration 12 Digits Dual Display Folding Calculator

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This is a unique calculator that can be used by most people including business professionals. It is a very beautiful calculator that is different from every other model on this list in many ways. The folding design alone sets it apart from the rest: it makes it a convenient calculator that can be carried about with ease for business travels. The 12-digit large display is also large enough to enable clear viewing of inputs and processed results. The light touch keypad is also something of beauty.

This white and black classic business calculator will perform well for all users. It has all the necessary functions for everyday business calculations. While this is not from one of the biggest industry players, the quality is great and most users are happy with what it offers. It is a solar-powered calculator and can also be powered with a 1AAA battery.

Buying Guide

There are thousands of calculators from many electronic device manufacturers around the world. Most of these calculators can be used for business calculations. To perform the important business calculations you face every day, you need calculators with the right functions and features. These are exactly what business calculators give you. Choosing one out of the numerous devices that can pass as business calculators can be very tough, which is why we have reviewed the best 7 you can grab right now. This section of the article will concentrate on how you can pick the perfect one for your business needs.

Factors to consider when choosing a business calculator

Though we have identified the top business calculators and reviewed seven best options you can choose from, it is still important that you understand the best way to select the right device for your business needs. Here, we will briefly discuss the most important factors to consider when you want to choose a business calculator:

Your business calculation needs

It is important that you choose a business calculator according to your needs. An individual who computes sophisticated business parameters regularly will need a more sophisticated business calculator than another person who deals with only computation of sales. The volume of work you will handle with the calculator should inform your decision too.

Useful functions and features

Though a business calculator is not expected to have as many advanced functions as a scientific or financial calculator, there are important factors you should look out for before buying any calculating machine. Percentage calculation, double zero key, and memory keys are some important features to look out for.


The display of a business calculator is one of the overlooked factors that can meaningfully affect your experience with the device. It is important to have a large screen calculator that can display numbers and characters clearly for the user. This will make reading easier and minimize the chances of errors.

Ease of use

It is also important that you buy a business calculator that is easy to use. Asides from the fact that it will give you peace of mind, you will be able to perform most of your calculations faster. Ease of use is especially important when you work in a busy environment.

Build quality/durability

You also need to consider how strongly a business calculator is built before buying. From the materials used to the way the calculator is designed, check to ensure that it can stand the test of time. You can also consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer to get an idea of how they feel about their product.


Business calculators are mostly affordable. If you find an advanced model that cost a little too much, take time to check if the added functions and features are worth the extra cost. Price shouldn’t be the only determining factor but you should never spend more for less value.

Frequently asked questions about business calculators

Are business calculators the most basic calculators?

While business calculators are mostly simple and affordable, they are not to be confused as the most basic calculators. Many business calculators have the functions to make calculations easier for the business professionals and these are the best business calculators to buy.

Where can I find the perfect business calculator?

There are so many places you can find business calculators. To make shopping easier for you, we have reviewed the top options on the market right now so that you can buy directly from amazon through this website.

Can I use just any other calculator for business calculations?

While it is possible to use other types of devices for business calculations, dedicated business calculators are often preferred by business professionals. They offer more functions than regular calculators and are easier to understand and use than financial and scientific calculators. For fast accurate business calculations, they are the best devices to use.

Should I buy a solar-powered calculator?

Solar-powered business calculators are great. It is important, however, that you buy a model that can equally be powered by batteries. This makes it possible for you to use the calculators anywhere and anytime.


Finding the right calculator will help you perform all kinds of business calculations with ease. Here, we have reviewed the best business calculators that you can find at the moment. All products featured here are from reputable manufacturers and have been favorably rated by verified buyers and users. You can choose anyone with confidence, knowing that they are the best. We have also discussed the factors to consider when picking a business calculator and we hope this will help you find the perfect calculator for your business need.