Top 11 Best Prayer Apps

Prayers are a way for us to connect with the Supreme power. They are often the foundation stone to our path of spiritual journey. For those who don’t want to take the path of spirituality but still want to stay connected with divinity, prayers are medium for them to achieve that.

If you are looking for prayer apps that can help you with your journey, whatever the purpose be, we have come with a collection of 11 best prayer apps for Android and iOS users. Take a look and choose the one that suits you the most.

1. Blessify [Android and iOS]


Blessify is a user-friendly app designed for the 21st century Christian to keep a smooth, consistent and intimate connection with the Lord. It is specially curated to help you develop a praying habit and to keep your Christian life balanced.

The Blessify app keeps your mind calm, steadies your pacing heart and provides the spiritual connection your soul needs for these times.

It is equipped with a custom notification setting, reminding you to pray at any time in the morning, afternoon, and at night. This makes you more intentional about your relationship with God.

There’s also something the app has that can be quite difficult to find in other praying apps. Blessify features a tight knit community of Christians who can motivate and help keep your faith up when you’re at a low point. We definitely get to low points in our lives as Christians and we need the help of fellow brethren to get back up.

The Community provides a safe space where you can pray for others about their specific needs and also submit prayer requests for your own personal needs. This app was designed with this in mind giving you the chance to love and be loved through prayer, fellowship and one to one connections.

The Blessify app also features important Bible stories you can listen to on the go, helping you visualize and digest the Bible in a practical and understanding manner. It has a complete Bible reading plan for easy location of scriptures that you might need while you pray.

Looking for ways to share your faith online and with your loved ones? Blessify has beautiful pictures of important quotes and Bible verses you can share on your social media platforms.

Amazingly, once you sign up with an email of your choice, you are met with the most heartwarming page asking about your day to help you feel at home and ease out the stress before you pray.

More importantly, the app has a calming and easy to use UI, targeted at keeping you at the best possible space when you need to spend vital time with God.

Installing this app helps you:

  • Improve your prayer life by reminding you of your scheduled prayer time
  • Fill your subconscious with easy to understand Bible stories while you work
  • Read the Bible as you pray without moving from one app to the other
  • Grow your faith by praying for others.

2. Daily Prayer App [Android and iOS]

Daily Prayer App

Created by RethinkMe LTD, the Daily Prayer app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. This free to use app creates a perfect guide for reading scriptures and getting into the spiritual rhythm of prayer.

It is designed to help people to get into a rhythm of morning, midday, evening and late evening prayers. The app has been designed to send out custom notifications to users so that they can set their own prayer times that perfectly match their prayer schedules.

The app is very well designed with a logical pattern. The interface is elegant and prayers create a sense of relaxation and serenity. Good thing about the app is that it does not distract its users with ads. Yes, it is ad-free.

3. PrayerMate [Android and iOS]


Yet again, a cleverly designed app for Christians, PrayerMate has a very clear and thoughtful design. This is a free app but it does come with in-app purchase options.

The app helps the users to be faithful in prayers, no matter who they are praying for or what they are praying for. The app has been designed to allow the users to create their custom categories that perfectly suit their own method of praying.

If the users want, they can quickly subscribe to online prayer diaries, which are loaded with content from various organizations like UCCF The Christian Union, Open Doors, London City Mission, local churches and more.

Users can also set alarm as reminders for prayers. The app also allows people to send messages or emails from within the app to those people for whom they are praying. The app comes with an integrated help section.

4. Pray As You Go – Daily Prayer [Android and iOS]

Pray As You Go

A very simple app, the Pray As You Go app is designed to help people fulfill their daily prayer sessions whenever they happen to get time. It can be during traveling to work or back home. It can even be during studies.

The app is designed to produce a completely new prayer session for each of the 5 working days and then one session for the weekend.

This session is a type of framework for a person’s prayers. The session created is not really a Bible study or a sermon or any thought of the day.

Each session is a combination of scriptures, questions for self reflection and music and a session can last for anywhere between 10 and 13 minutes. The whole idea is to make a person aware of the presence of God in life and increase that persons relationship with God.

5. Click To Pray [Android and iOS]

Click To Pray

Created by Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, the app is designed to help a person connect with thousands of people worldwide who pray for humanity’s challenges. The app provides three short times for prayer every day during morning, evening and night. The app can send notifications to the users reminding them of the time for prayer.

6. [Android and iOS]

This app is designed to help you ramp up your daily praying habits with the help of daily devotionals that are inspirational. The app gives the users the ability to listen to wisdom from Bible. The app offers reports on community prayers and praises. Users can also take a look at the members’ directory and get notified of leader announcements and service times.

7. Echo Prayer [Android and iOS]

Echo Prayer

Essentially, the Echo Prayer app is a record keeping app where you can keep a track of all your prayers. You can categorize and arrange your prayers, delete old prayers and even mark them as ‘answered by God’ so that you can see how God is working for you and you can thank him.

You can even share prayer requests with friends, family members or in small groups that you can create through the app.

8. Daily Prayer Guide [Android and iOS]

Daily Prayer Guide

This app positions itself as a 365-day devotional app complete with inspiring Bible verses, poems, quotations and prayers. The app provides daily reminders too so that the users can read their daily devotions.

In case a user wants to listen to the devotional content instead of reading it out, that is also possible with the help of the voice synthesizer that has been integrated into the app. It also allows users to share their content.

For Android users the app is available in both lite and full versions. For iOS users on the other hand, only the premium version is available.

9. Pray Catholic Novena Prayers [Android and iOS]

Pray Catholic Novena Prayers

This app provides a straight and simple way to prey novenas. It is an app designed to help people get closer to God through daily faithful prayers. The app is designed to supply daily prayers to its users. In case a person using the app misses his or her prayer, the app sends a gentle reminder for the same.

10. Ceaseless Prayer [Android and iOS]

Ceaseless Prayer

This app is designed to help people pray for all their loved ones be it family or friends. The app shows the users three contacts in a day along with a scripture. The app allows users to connect with people and ask for prayer requests. Apart from creating a disciplined prayer life, the app also allows the users to experience the joy of seeing God at work and answering their prayers.

11. Abide – Christian Meditation [Android and iOS]

Abide Christian Meditation

Based of Biblical scriptures, Abide is a guided Christian meditation and daily prayer app. The guided meditations offered by the app are of 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes. The app transports people into spiritual meditation and help people to overcome a host of problems like stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia and more.