Top 10 Best Wishlist Apps

Sometimes we just go on a shopping spree and there are times we just want to buy things later but create a list of things we want.

A wishlist app can help you to create and maintain such a list with ease. On the brighter side, these apps come with a lot of extra features that can make your life simpler when it comes to shopping.

Here is our pick on the 10 best wishlist apps for Android and iOS users…

1. i-wantit


One of the most popular wishlist apps available for Android and iOS users is the i-wantit. It helps you to create a list of things that you wish to have for any particular occasion be it your birthday, or a Christmas gift or just a housewarming party gift. The key features of this app are:

  1. You create a list of items that you wish to get.
  2. Share the list to everyone in your family or among your friends.

People can quickly refer to this list and they can purchase whatever they want to and give it to you. The upside is that the person gifting you a thing will not have to resort to guess work and neither he or she has to remember what was offered to you the last time. So, no more repeat gift, no more useless gifts!

2. WishUpon


This is one feature-rich app that is available both on Google Play Store and App Store. Laced with some unique features, this app is a must-have for shopaholics. Here are some key features of the app:

  1. Create a list of things you want to purchase from thousands of online stores.
  2. You can quickly add an item to your list even from Instagram.
  3. The app gives the best deals available for a particular product by comparing prices.
  4. Sales and new collections feed is provided everyday.
  5. Share your wishlist with your friends and family. You can share it even through SnapChat.

3. Wish Explorer

Wish Explorer

Available for both Android and iOS users, the Wish Explorer app can be a lifesaver for those messy folks who just desire but don’t make a note and eventually forget what they wanted. The key features of the app are mentioned below:

  1. Allows you to quickly create and add to your wishlist whenever you see something that you like and want.
  2. It allows you to organize your wishlist as per occasions. You can even edit the lists later.
  3. You can access your wishlist through desktop as well.
  4. Imports data from different online shops.
  5. Allows sharing the wishlist with your friends and family.
  6. You can create public lists as well.
  7. You can create a list simply for your personal shopping as well.

4. WishMindr


Whether your phone is an Android-powered device or whether you have an iOS device, you can get this app on both. It works in pretty much the same way as every other app listed so far. The best features of the app are:

  1. Create wishlists by adding products from a long list of online stores.
  2. You can edit the lists as well.
  3. Share your list with friends or family members through Facebook, email, text message and other options.
  4. You can create occasion-specific gift list.

5. Wishworks


So far the best app in terms of ratings on both Google Play Store and App Store, the Wishworks app is a must-have if you have a long wishlist that you want to share with everyone you expect a gift from. The basic and core features of the app are:

  1. Create a list to ensure that you do not get a useless gift that you later need to re-gift.
  2. Create shopping lists with wishes of everyone in a single place. This also allows budget management.
  3. You can get birthday notifications.
  4. Get price comparison across different stores and save some money.

6. WishSprout


Yet another great wishlist app created for both Android and iOS users, WishSprout gives the most basic of all things – the functions of creating wishlists for different occasions. The basic features available with this app are:

  1. You can create and organize your everyday wishlist.
  2. You can create a wedding wishlist or registry and even a wedding cash registry. The company doesn’t take a fee from cash gift recipients.
  3. It allows to create gift registries for about any occasion you can think of such as birthday, showers, Christmas and more.

7. Gift Me Something

Very highly rated, Gift Me Something is an app that is available on both Play Store and App Store. It works with a simple formula – ‘You are the best judge of what you want.’ The key features of this app are:

  1. You can create any wishlist for any occasion.
  2. You can add photos, descriptions and links to each gift item on the list.
  3. You can find gift ideas through built in features.
  4. You can share your list with your friends and family members.

8. GettaGift


Designed to do what all other apps in this category does, the GettaGift app is a highly-rated application found on both the App Store and Play Store. Here are the key features of the app:

  1. Create customized wishlist and create as many registries as you want.
  2. Save each item on the list with product description and images.
  3. Share you list with your friends and your family members.
  4. Mark an item on the list as purchased whenever you receive a gift so that no one else buys the same gift for you.
  5. You can even create private wishlists.

9. Borsheims Gift Registry

Borsheims Gift Registry

A very popular and highly effective wishlist app, Borsheims Gift Registry is available for download on both Google Play Store and App Store. The important features of this app include the following:

  1. Build your customized wishlist for just about any occasion including Christmas, birthday, wedding etc.
  2. The app allows adding any product to the list simply by scanning the barcode.
  3. The app allows to conduct direct catalog searches or you can simply add a picture of the product.
  4. You can personalize your wishlist with messages and pictures.
  5. Share your list with your friends and family members who can see the list online without the need of downloading the app.
  6. The app allows you to track the gifts and allows you to see who purchased what. You can say thank you to them directly from the app.

Note that this app is designed by Borsheims and works only with Borsheims store.

10. Wishfinity


One of the highest-rated wishlist apps available on Google Play Store and App Store, this app comes with all the features you will need out of a wishlist app. The key features of the app are:

  1. Create wishlist using your favorite brands.
  2. You can keep selected wishes private.
  3. You can share your wishlist with friends and family through multiple channels including Pinterest, SnapChat, Facebook, Skype, Slack, Twitter, Messenger, email, SMS, WhatsApp and more.
  4. You can collect and add goodies from thousands of online retailers.