Top 10 Best Quora Alternatives

Quora has positioned itself as a go-to destination for questions and answers. Yes, from politics to films, from sports to business – anything you can think of, there will be someone to ask a question and there will be people to answer the question.

Every single question gets myriads of answers and each answer comes from individual point of view, making Quora one of the bests site available on the Internet.

The thing is, Quora doesn’t really hold the monopoly in QA business. There are other great sites that are available. Some of those Quora alternatives are designed to be as general as Quora is, while other are more targeted towards specific types of topics.

In this writeup, we are going to explore the best Quora alternatives that we have today. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Reddit [Platforms – Web, Android App and iOS App]


We are slightly biased we must say because, Reddit is our personal favorite. If at all, there is a site that can match or even outperform the popularity of Quora, it is Reddit. This is community driven site boasts itself as the ‘frontpage’ of Internet.

The entire site is broken down into thousands and thousands of communities that they call subreddits. You can become a member of any subreddit you want and even create a community within the guidelines defined by Reddit.

What can you do here? Just about anything! You can ask questions, you can answers to questions, you can simply post about something new you learned, you can engage in community discussion on a specific topic, you can post memes and more!

First time users can get overwhelmed but with some patience, they can get around easily and find it to be one of the most addictive online communities to ever exists.

2. Hubski [Platforms: Web but can be accessed from any mobile device using a browser]


Hubski positions itself as ‘a thoughtful web.’ It is also a community site but not really a QA forum. Anyone who is registered with this site can share any interesting story, event or idea that they come across on the Internet.

Users have the ability to follow other users, domains or tags of their choice. They can comment or even post new content. The only thing a newly registered person needs to remember is that the community will not allow posting immediately after registering. Posting ability is given only after a newly registered member makes meaningful contributions through community discussions.

3. Yahoo Answers [Platforms: Web but can be accessed from any mobile device using a browser]

Yahoo Answers

There is a saying – ‘old is gold’ and Yahoo Answers fits the bill properly. It was, at one point in time, a go-to place with all your questions and there would be someone out there with answers to those questions. The thing is, Yahoo Answers still exists and, it is still quite popular.

Of all sites that can be directly compared to Quora, Yahoo Answers is the best match. You can register and ask questions publicly displaying your name or you can simply choose to go anonymous while asking the question. Though its interface has not changed over all these years, it still remains an effective community to get all your questions answered.

4. StackExchange [Platforms: Web, Android App and iOS App]

Stack Exchange

Originally intended to be a QA site for programming and computing, the platform has now outgrown its original purpose. You can post questions about any topic ranging from political to personal and expect from great answers from the community.

5. Askfm [Platforms: Web, Android App and iOS App]


Yet another QA site and somewhat a new kid on the block, Askfm has seen cosmic growth over the years. It is today one of the biggest rivals of Quora with over 215 million registered users and it is available in 41 languages. It was originally intended for mobile devices but it can also be accessed through web.

6. Super User [Platforms: Web but can be accessed from any mobile device using a browser]

Super User

Super User is a part of the StackExchange family. This QA site is dedicated to those who want to speak only about computer hardware and software. So, it is a very targeted QA site where your questions that do not relate to computer hardware and software will be simply overlooked.

7. Stack Overflow [Platforms: Web but can be accessed from any mobile device using a browser]

Stack Overflow

Again, a part of the StackExchange family, Stack Overflow is a QA site that is dedicated towards programmers and coders. Yes, just like Super User, it is a very targeted website dedicated to specific class of audience. So, if you are a programmer, this is the site you need to visit. The site was created with the intention of providing options which were absent in Yahoo Answers.

8. Ask Ubuntu [Platforms: Web but can be accessed from any mobile device using a browser]

Ask Ubuntu

Yet another StackExchange site, Ask Ubuntu is not designed by Ubuntu developers. This site is all about Ubuntu users. If you are using Ubuntu operating system and you run into some problem, this is the QA site where you can expect to get answers.

9. [Platforms: Web but can be accessed from any mobile device using a browser] is very similar to Quora and Yahoo Answers. You can ask questions on a myriad of topics. The service does not come with standalone apps for Android or iOS but yes, the site is completely mobile responsive and has Progressive Web App that allows to add the site to your mobile homescreen which will allow you to use it as an app.

10. Answerbag [Platforms: Web but can be accessed from any mobile device using a browser]

Answerbag is one of the oldest QA sites out there in market. It came to existence even before Yahoo Answers. The site started back in 2003 and continues to exist even to this day. You can ask any question you want from your personal relationships to your dreams, from finance to legal, from hobbies to recreation and more.