5 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro is one of the best piece of technology in recent times. The best part about this laptop are its shortcuts.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best tip, tricks and short cuts which will save your time and will ensure that you can make full use of this Apple Product.

1. Copy and Paste Two Devices

Universal clipboard allows users to cut and copy things on your macOS and iOS devices and paste them on other devices. This basically means that you can copy and paste images, photos and text between two Apple devices. It is a smooth process which involves the usage of Bluetooth. You just need to press control C on your Mac and hold down and paste on your iPhone. This functions automatically if you are logged in using the same Apple ID on both devices.

2. Use the Same Desktop on All Macs

If you are the type who likes to save everything on their desktop then this is one of the best features for you. Sierra has now made it easy for you to club Desktops across iCloud. If you have more than one Mac devices, this feature is the best for you since you can have a common desktop for all devices. Apart from the desktop, you can also access the documents folder.

To sync your desktop, you can go to System Preferences> iCloud.  Click on options while selecting iCloud Drive and select Desktop and Documents.

3. Spotlight Conversions

You can use your Mac to do specific conversions if you use Spotlight. Apart from unit conversions, you can enter the amount you wish to convert along with the unit. For example, if you enter $499, it will be converted into your native currency. After this option is displayed, it will also give you results in other currencies.

4. Take Big Screenshots with Ease

If you have a Windows laptop, taking a screenshot can be quite a task as you can use PRTSC key to capture the whole of your screen or make use of the Snipping Tool to catch a portion of it. The problem arises when not all keyboards and computers allow you to take a snap of your entire screen. Mac simplifies this process for you. You can take a picture of your whole screen by pressing Command, Shift and 3 together to take screenshot that will be stored. If you wish to capture a portion then you can press Command, Shift and 4.

5. Sign PDFs right in Mail

Agreements are still being signed on paper and when you receive a PDF, you must go through the whole tedious process of printing, signing, scanning and mailing it. To avoid all this, you can use a Mac which will enable you to sign your PDF in your mail itself. To do this, you will have to drag the PDF in your mail and place your cursor over it. You will now see a button appear at the right-hand side. You need to click it to get a range of MARKUP options and select the one which is required for signing the documents. You can now add your signature by holding it on a piece of paper in front of your Mac webcam. The other option is to draw on your tracking pad.