How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Phone with Any Carrier

Nothing beats the joy of freedom. Being stuck to a single carrier can be very frustrating, considering the fact that you bought your device and pay the bills. The Samsung Galaxy phones are great devices, but the clutches of a carrier can ruin the experience of having the phone.

Why unlock your phone?

As has been said above, being stuck to a single carrier can be very frustrating, especially if you are committed to a multi-year contract and the service provider makes a drastic change midway into the contract.

Some of the obvious advantages that comes with unlocking your Samsung Galaxy phone include the following:

  • The freedom from your carrier
  • The ability to research and compare deals from different carriers and ultimately finding the option that suits you.
  • You will likely be able to save some money when your phone is eventually unlocked
  • If you are the type that travels, you will have the freedom of using your device with the service providers of the different countries. All you have to do is switch your SIM card.

Are there some problems associated with unlocking your phone?

Obviously, there can be some adverse effects to your phone as a result of having it untangled from the clutches of your service provider. You may be wondering if the financial benefits you stand to gain from unlocking your phone will outweigh the security risk. The truth is, the security concern is basically a myth when you follow the right method of unlocking your phone. There is basically no need to worry about security issues.

What are the unlocking options and how risky are they?

There are about three major options of unlocking Samsung Galaxy phones and in extension, other smartphones. You may find a load of options on the Internet, but they all fall under the three categories.

We will consider these options and the risk level associated with each.

1. Software Unlocking

This is a very popular method of unlocking a smartphone. The basic process involve logging into some site and downloading a piece of software into your device. The software will consequently reconfigure the internal settings of your phone and frees it up from the default carrier and gives you the freedom to choose the service provider of your choice. This method is very simple, straightforward and cost little or nothing financially, but it comes with a load of security hazards. With much of personal, social, and business lives being linked to our smartphones, this is a very bad option as it exposes the device to hackers. In fact, this method is not recommended at all.

2. Hardware Unlocking

There are lots of quasi-technical guys who can physically open up your phone and twitch a thing or two to free it from your carrier. Besides the fact that the success of this method is often not guaranteed, it equally destroys the warranty on your phone. In all sincerity, the hassles involved in this method is not worth the risk at all. The device may be permanently damaged and even if it doesn’t, it may develop some issues in the nearest feature. The method, just like the first one, is dangerous and is not recommended at all.

3. IMEI/Network Unlocking

Your Galaxy phone, just like every other such device, has an International Mobile Equipment Identifier. IMEI or Network unlocking basically means changing your phone from ‘locked’ status to ‘unlocked‘ status and can be done by someone that has access to Samsung’s IMEI database. This is done with a code and there are companies that offer this services legitimately. Some companies like DoctorSIM and Unlock forest use official codes from Samsung and are therefore quite reliable. This method is the best and only reliably secured means of unlocking your device.

Having the freedom of using any SIM card of your choice at any location on your Samsung Galaxy  phone can be very fun. The only reliable method of achieving this is by unlocking it through the IMEI or Network method. The process is smooth, safe, and almost instantaneous when you use codes from reliable companies. Unlock with confidence and enjoy the freedom that comes with an unlocked phone.