How to Download YouTube Videos in Phone and PC

If you are fond of YouTube videos and would want to view them offline to use less data or so to save it forever in case it gets deleted, downloading them is the best way to do it. Downloaded YouTube videos can also be saved so that you can forward them anywhere. The good news is that downloading YouTube videos is extremely easy and it can be done through a series of methods that can be used.

We are sharing our top favorite methods in this article.

Download YouTube videos for Android

If you wish to download videos on YouTube for your Android phone then Tube Mate is the best tool. Although Google Play Store doesn’t offer options for YouTube downloaders, you can download this from a website. Before doing this, you will have to allow your Android device to download apps from external sources. This option is available in the security options of your phone’s settings menu. Make sure you switch it off after download as it can cause a threat to your phone.

How to Download Free YouTube Videos?

  • Step 1: Tube Mate looks like a replica of YouTube App that has an additional frame around it. After browsing and selecting the video you wish to download you can tap on the menu icon located on the top right side.
  • Step 2: In the URL option, paste the link of the video from the browser
  • Step 3: After the video starts playing in Tube Mate, a green button will flash above it. Tap on it and it will show you a progress bar which indicates the length of the video downloaded. After this, you will be asked to set the formatting of the video to complete download.

How to Download YouTube videos to iOS device or Mac

If you own an Apple iPhone, iPad and an Mac device, you can use Document 5 app. It is a file manager that will help you in downloading YouTube Clips. The process is much simpler than that of the Android.

To download a video, you can be following these simple steps: –

  • Find a clip you wish to copy. Tap on the share icon and then Copy Link.
  • Open the Document5 and look for the web browser icon. Tap on that and click on
  • Paste Address of YouTube clip in big input box and choose the icon you prefer to start downloading.
  • When download is complete it will appear in the app’s download section from where you can drag it over Photos >Camera Roll so that they are available directly in your phone instead of the Documents5 app.

How to Download You Tube Videos on PC

If you wish to download PC apps, you can download Super Best Windows YouTube Downloader and any Video Converter Free. Like any other app, you will have to provide clip URL and watch it get downloaded. If you want extremely good quality videos a TubeCatcher, is one of the best apps for High quality videos. You can also try for a web, based tool.