How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Wireless Charging Issue

Encountering wireless charging problems on your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 or other Samsung devices with wireless charging capabilities is not uncommon. Among several potential issues, wireless charging not working can be frustrating. However, this doesn’t necessarily imply a flawed device. The problem can stem from various factors.

In this article, we delve into some effective and proven tips to address the wireless charging issue on your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, providing practical solutions to ensure your device charges wirelessly without a hitch.

Tips to Resolve Galaxy Z Fold 5 Wireless Charging Issue

1. Use the Official Wireless Charger

Opt for the official Samsung wireless charger over third-party alternatives. These official chargers are designed with precise parameters for optimal compatibility and performance. Using non-certified chargers might result in compatibility or performance issues.

2. Check Charger Power Output

If using a third-party wireless charger, ensure it offers a power output of at least 11 watts. Chargers with lower output may lead to inefficient charging or prolonged charging times. Prioritize chargers that meet your Galaxy Z Fold 5’s power requirements.

3. Ensure Proper Phone Positioning

Accurate phone positioning on the charger is crucial for wireless charging success. Align the device’s center with the charger’s coils to enable efficient charging. Be cautious not to inadvertently shift the phone’s position when placing it on the charger.

4. Remove Protective Case

Wireless charging necessitates direct contact between your Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the charger. Any barrier, such as plastic, cloth, or protective covers, can hinder charging. Remove the protective case before attempting wireless charging.

5. Perform a Soft Reset

Minor software glitches can disrupt charging functionality. Soft resetting your device can often resolve these issues. Press and hold the Power key and the Volume Down button for around 15 seconds until the Samsung logo appears. Release the buttons to initiate a reboot, potentially rectifying charging problems.

6. Allow Phone to Cool Down

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 features safeguards that prevent charging when the device is overheated. Ensure your device has cooled down before attempting wireless charging. Remove any protective cover and place it in a cool environment to facilitate charging.

7. Wipe Cache Partition

Corrupted cache files stored in your device’s cache partition can impact various functions, including wireless charging. Clear the cache partition to potentially resolve the issue. Access recovery mode by pressing Power + Volume Up, navigate to “Wipe Cache Partition,” and confirm the action.

8. Perform Software Updates

Software bugs can contribute to charging problems. Regularly check for software updates in Settings » About Phone » Software Update. Install available updates to rectify potential software-related charging issues.

9. Perform a Factory Reset

As a last resort, consider a factory reset to eliminate persistent wireless charging issues. Remember, this will erase all data. Navigate to Settings » General management » Reset » Factory Data Reset, and follow the prompts to restore your device to its original settings.

By implementing these methods, you can effectively troubleshoot the wireless charging issue on your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and ensure consistent and reliable charging performance.

[Note: Be cautious when performing a factory reset, as it erases all data. Backup your important data before proceeding.]