How to Customize Galaxy Note 10 Home

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is an extremely gorgeous device that is already a big rival for the iPhone 11 and a great companion to lovers of smart life.

The stunning device, as you must have known by now, is a 6.3-inch screen wonder, equipped with incredible software and brilliant stylus that combine to offer out-of-the-world user experience.

11 Best Note 10 Home Screen Customization Tips

1. Welcome Home

You live in the Home Screen of your Android devices! Samsung know this and they have made the Home Screen of the Galaxy Note 10 a friendly interface that offer such friendly feel that is hard to come by. Without further ado, here are some tips on how to get the best out of the home screen of your device.

2. Customise as you like

You have the full control of how your Home Screen will look. You can customize it to your taste. By simply long-pressing the wallpaper on the screen, you will have access to the home screen setting where you can customize the wallpaper, themes, themes widget etc.

3. Choose the perfect wallpaper

The default wallpaper will likely not appeal to you. To change it, follow the simple step;

  • Long press the wallpaper on the screen
  • Tap wallpaper and themes
  • Tap the first image with the gallery icon in the corner at the top of the next page. (You will be taken to your gallery)
  • Select the image or picture you will like to use as your new wallpaper.

You can also do this by simply opening the image you want to use as wallpaper from the gallery, tap the menu, and select ‘set as wallpaper’ and it will be speedily effected.

4. Apply the theme that suits you

Trust Samsung, they have a load of appealing themes. While some are absolutely free, some are to be paid for. All the same, here is how to apply the theme;

  • Long press as above
  • Select the change theme option
  • Tap on the theme that interest you.

5. Use interesting icons

Note 10 comes with icon packs. Just like with the themes, some are free while others are to be paid for; you decide which to use. To change to the one that interest you, follow the steps in how to apply theme and you will ultimately get to the options to change your icons.

6. Resize widgets

Note 10 makes it possible for you to resize so many widgets. To achieve this, long press on the Home Screen. Drag the blue box that appears after you lift your finger and resize the widgets to your taste.

7. Add shortcut of favourite apps to Home Screen and remove the ones you don’t want

  You can easily add shortcut of your favourite apps to your home screen. This can be achieved by tapping and holding the app, then selecting the ‘Add shortcut to Home‘ option. You can equally remove shortcut from the Home Screen. To do this, simply tap and hold the app on the Home Screen, then select the ‘Remove shortcut‘ option.

8. Create a custom folder

 You may like all your social apps in one folder or maybe your business apps. This can simply be done by dragging one app on top of another. You can drag as many apps as possible into the folder. You can equally remove apps from a folder on the Home Screen. To do this, open the folder, select the app you want to remove by long pressing and dragging it to ‘delete‘ at the top of the screen. You can rename the folders by opening them and entering the names you desire at the top. Their background colour can equally be changed as desired by tapping the palette at the right corner when the folder is open and selecting the desired colour.

9. Access or disable Bixby Home

Samsung is obviously pushing the Bixby as its own assistant. You can swipe right on your home screen to access it. If you are yet to enable the Bixby Voice, you can still open Bixby Home by pressing the Bixby button. Some people find Bixby annoying. If you are one of them, Samsung has made it possible to remove it from your Home Screen. To do this, simply long press on the wallpaper, swipe to Bixby Home and turn it off.

10. Access Google Assistant

For lovers of google, Note 10 makes it equally possible to speak to google. All you have to do is to long press on the Home button.

11. Stop new apps from clustering the Home Screen

It can be annoying to see every newly installed app cluster at the Home Screen. You can stop this by simply going to Play Store setting and unchecking the box that allows this.

There are several other ways of getting the best out of the Home Screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10. As you continue to build acquaintance with your new device, you will likely find more ways to improve the experience. If you have any unique experience with the device, feel free to share with us.