9 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks

With a great phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, your favourite apps are sure to find their ways all over your device as soon as you unbox it. Indeed, being able to access timeless information and stay connected to your social circle is made more easy and fun with the highly improved functionality of the Note 8. However, there are some tips that will come in handy if you are to enjoy all the apps you install in your device.

Proper app management is one way to ensure that you get the best out of your device and below are tips that will be of immense help to you.

1. Enable full screen apps

If you are already using the device, you would have noticed that the 18.5:9 display prevents some apps from opening in full screen mode and this does not offer maximum satisfaction – not for an exquisite device like your Note 8. The good news is that though some apps may not run on the full screen mode, most of the ones running on the regular 16:9 display can be remedied. To do this, follow the steps bellow;

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on display
  • Tap on full screen apps: the installed apps on your device will be listed and you can scroll through and enable full screen for those that are not enabled.

2. Manage the default apps for your device functions

When you have different apps that can perform same functions like calling, browsing, messaging, etc., you can decide which of them becomes the default app for such functions. To do this;

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on apps
  • On the apps menu, tap on default apps and you can see what has been selected as the default apps for the functions. Change them as you desire.

Alternatively, under the ‘app selection setting’, you can opt to have the device select the default app for you or ask you to select from the options when there is need for that.

3. Control app permission

The Note 8 allows you to manage what each app can access individually. You definitely wouldn’t want every app on your device to have access to your location and other information, so you can control their permission. To do this, simply navigate to applications, select app permissions and toggle on or off as desired.

4. Allow installation of apps from unknown sources

Samsung care about you and want to protect you from malicious program, so many of the apps you will like to install on your phone may not come from the few sources they trust and will be categorized as apps from unknown sources. But guess what! You are the boss and can do what you like. So to permit installation of your cool apps, go to setting, navigate to ‘lock screen and security’, then unknown sources and enable installation of apps from unknown sources.

5. Manage the apps tray

By default, all your apps are stored in the app tray which can be accessed by swiping on the Home Screen. It’s very unlikely that you will be satisfied with the way your apps are arranged on the app tray, so here are some quick tips on how to manage the app tray.

6. Remove the apps tray

This may not sound like the best of options, but if you prefer to have all your apps on the Home Screen, you can do away with the app tray. To do this;

  • Long press on the Home Screen
  • Select Home Screen setting
  • In the ‘Home screen layout’, select ‘Home screen only’.

7. Change the apps tray grid

You may want to do this if you need to have most of your icons or folders in one page. To do this, simply go to ‘Home Screen setting’, select ‘app screen grid’, and change to 5X6. This will fit more in the screen of your device.

8. Remove a folder from the apps tray

By default, Samsung may group some apps into folders on the apps tray. You also have the freedom to undo this. To free apps from a folder, long press on the folder and select ‘delete folder’. This will remove the folder and allow the apps trapped in it to move to the apps tray.

9. Arrange your apps in alphabetical order

Your Note 8 will normally arrange apps according to the time of their installation. This may make it hard for you to find some apps, hence the need to arrange them alphabetically. To do this, open the app tray, go to the menu at the top right and select ‘sort’. This will enable your apps to be arranges alphabetically.

There are other ways you can manage your apps to enjoy the experience offered by your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The above tips are some of the most important ones. As you get familiar with the device, you will find out other ways of getting the best out of it. If you have any unique experience with your device, feel free to share with us.