8 Best Tips to Fix a Broken Keyboard

A broken keyboard can be extremely frustrating. The keys might stop working or the whole keyboard might just stop responding. While sometimes, this may just be temporary and your keyboard might start working again in a few minutes but many a times, it can be due to serious issues. Before you throw away your keyboard into the trash bin, here are some quick fixes you can try that will help you in repairing the keyboard in no time!

1. Check the Batteries

Although this might seem like an obvious step, checking the batteries is one of the most initial measure to be taken. You can also replace the batteries if your keyboard is the wireless kind.

2. Check the connection

One of the most common reasons of a keyboard not working is a loose cable. If the connection between the computer and keyboard is loose, then it might not work correctly. Therefore, it is important to check the connection first.

3. Check for Crumbs and Beverage Spills

Sometimes snacking and drinking while you work can be a reason why your keyboard is not functioning properly as that can lead to the accumulation of crumbs. You can clean this by tilting your keyboard or vacuuming the keyboard. You can also blow some cool air with a hair dryer to clean. If the keys are jammed due to soda spill, then cleaning them with an alcohol cleaner is recommended.

4. Replace a Dead Key

If you need to replace a key, you can use a screwdriver that has a flat blade. To take it out, insert it under the key and rotate it slowly until the key comes out. After this you can clean beneath it and then press down to replace it.

5. Driver Problems

Your keyboard can stop working If your driver is corrupted or is not up to date. It can also happen, if you have installed a third-party software on your machine. To fix this concern, you will have to check the device manager in the control panel section of your computer. If the keyboard has a yellow line next to it or if the keyboard icon does not show next to it then you will have to log in to the manufacturer’s website and download latest drivers to the keyboard.

6. Bad Connections

Another possibility why the keyboard won’t work is due to its inability to connect with the laptop’s motherboard. If you are capable of doing this, you can remove the outer case of the keyboard and then reconnect the ribbon cable located at the bottom of the laptop.

7. Use Antivirus

To fix a keyboard that is not working you can run an antivirus scan using an online Antivirus program.

8. Replace Defective Keyboard

If all the above mentioned solutions fail and you need to replace the keyboard while its still in warranty, you can do so by contacting your manufacturer. If it is a defective keyboard, you can insist on having it replaced. Before you send out your laptop make sure you back up your hard drive or remove it entirely so that your data is intact.