9 Best Selfie Camera Apps for Android & iPhone

If you’re reading this post, chances are that you enjoy taking selfies. In the modern culture, snapping selfies has become an integral part of our lives as they allow us to share our best photos with family, friends, dates, and employers across a wide range of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

In this article, we have put together 9 best selfie apps that you can download on your Android and iPhone smartphone.

Best Selfie Camera Apps for Android and  iPhone

1. Camera+: Pro Camera

One of the premiere camera apps that are designed for iOS only is the Camera+ 2 selfie app. Apart from letting you snap crystal clear photos; this app allows you to take advantage of the numerous features to perform other amazing stuff. Among the cool features you’ll enjoy with Camera+ 2 include; raw shooting & editing, auto presets, built-in filters, smile mode, stabilizer mode, depth capture and more.

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2. Candy Camera

Candy Camera

Hailed for its remarkable user experience, Candy Camera is one of the highly rated selfie apps in the Android’s Google Play Store and Apple Appstore. Unlike most other selfie apps, the Candy Camera app allows you to snap photos in silent mode making it easier for you take selfies in public places without attracting people’s attention. In addition to that, this app allows you to enjoy real-time filters and ability to add stickers which are ideal for your selfie-snapping purposes.

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3. Retrica


Another app that has really won a large market share in the selfies arena is the Retrica. Available with numerous real-time filters, this app allows you add effects to your selfie such as glow and warm to make it more appealing. In addition to that, the Retrica app offers you the collage feature alongside a handy timer that allows you to capture quality photos with a cool set of poses. Finally, this selfie app will allow you to add text, stickers, and stamps to make your selfies even more attractive.

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4. Cymera

Next, in our list of the best apps for selfies, we have the Cymera app. Designed for selfie enthusiasts; this app allows you to snap high-quality selfies thanks to the multiple filters, camera lenses, and cool effects that gives you full control over your final selfies. What’s even more appealing about this app is that it allows you to edit your selfies thanks to its inbuilt image editor.

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5. B612


Another selfie app that’s designed for Android users is the B612-Selfiegenic Camera app. Voted as the number one app by the majority of Android users; this app allows you to add various effects on your selfies thanks to the available AR stickers. Like it’s not enough, B612 allows you to record videos with live filters for quality videos at the long last.

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6. YouCam


Are you struggling to find the perfect selfie app that will eradicate all your imperfections to leave you with a smooth, gorgeous appearance? Well, the YouCam selfie app is your preferred choice. This app comes with amazing selfie-taking features coupled with multiple editing tools that will leave your selfie looking nice. Among the features you’ll enjoy with this app include; adding beautifying effects, adding contours, object removers, and editing your smile to get the best out of your selfie.

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7. Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie

Another smart selfie app that’s designed for Android and iPhone users is the Sweet Selfie app. Recognized by many as a beauty camera app, this selfie app has the ability to add various beauty features to your selfie to make it more appealing. This app offers you over 100 amazing filters coupled with multiple retro features, amazing blur, and auto beauty effects. With this app, you can comfortably change the appearance of your teeth, add muscles as well as modify the brightness of your selfie to make it more appealing.

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8. Perfect365


Next, in our list of the best selfie apps, we have the Perfect365. Designed for iOS and Android users, this selfie app comes with 20 celebrity-inspired beauty makeup tools that make it the best app for female audiences. Women looking forward to customize their overall appearance (such as adding virtual lipstick and eyeshadows) will highly prefer using this app as it gives you everything you need to stay cool and gorgeous. Like it’s not enough, the Perfect365 selfie app gives you over 200 pre-set styles that will allow you to add more effects to your selfies to achieve the perfect look.

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9. Facetune


Finally, on our list of the best selfie apps to consider for your Smartphone, we have the Facetune app. Available in the Play Store for Android users and Apple Appstore for iOS users, this app offers you easy to use tools that allow you to Photoshop your selfies to achieve the desired looks. You can add smart effects such as making changes to your skin, changing eye color, reshaping your face or adding vivid makeup all at the comfort of your Smartphone. Whether you’re shooting your selfies for professional use or just to share with friends and dates, the Facetune app is one of the best selfie apps you can’t miss to download.

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Wrap up

Although there are lots of other smart selfie apps out there, we managed to list some of the best apps that will give you the best selfie shooting experience.