10 Best Motivation Apps for Android & iPhone

Whether you’re a professional, a student or just an ordinary person, motivation is an integral driving force that gives you the thrust to carry on and become even more proactive. In most cases, we always get too hard on ourselves especially when we fail to meet our targets. Now, the best thing is that we’ve come up with an answer that will help you build that positive energy when going about your daily jobs even though it might seem monotonous. In this article, we will highlight 10 of the best motivational apps for your Android and iOS smartphones.

Top 10 Motivational Apps

1. Fabulous: Self Care

Fabulous Self Care

One reason why most people lose confidence is when they fail to meet their set goals. Now, one way of making sure that you achieve each of your daily targets is by downloading the Fabulous: Self Care App. Designed to help you live a healthy life, this app will give you health advice, weight loss programs, and allow you set your own daily goals. With such an app at the disposal, users will now be able to track their activities on a daily basis to stay in line with what you’re looking forward to achieving.

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2. Forest: Stay Focused

Forest Stay Focused app

Are you a Smartphone maniac? Well, I think the Forest: Stay Focused app is what you need to stay focused and accomplish other duties such as studying. What happens is that the app requests you to plant a small tree which grows in a time frame of 10 to 120 minutes. When you stay on the app, the tree will continue to grow to a forest thus allowing you to keep off your Smartphone and accomplish other duties. Now, in case you exit the app to check your social media messages, the growing tree automatically withers. To track your history and see whether you’re improving, this app will provide you with a very concise user-interface which will help you stay motivated and up to the task.

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3. Strides: Goal & Habit Tracker

Strides Habit Tracker app

Next, in our list of the best motivation app, we have the Strides app. This habit and life organizing app is handy as it lets you set various personal goals such as; budget, weight, read, get up early, sleep, save money, and meditate among others. Apart from setting your own goals, this app also submits a daily report of how committed you’ve been in achieving the set goals. A very interesting app for Smartphone users, the Strides app is a must-have if you feel like you’re unable to adhere to your daily routines.

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4. Coach.me

Coach.me app

If you’re searching for an app that will help you track your goals, the Coach.me is the perfect option for you. This app allows you to set goals which you’re supposed to check later in the day whether you’ve managed to accomplish them or not. If you discover that you managed to accomplish all the set goals by the end of the day, then congratulations!

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5. Success Coach

Success Coach app

It’s everyone’s desire to succeed and thrive in life. One way of making this a reality is by using the Success app to motivate you through the journey. The best thing about this app is that it comes with multiple tools that help you stay focused on your journey to success. You can set reminders, awareness coaching, and other smart features that help you improve in various parts of life.

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6. iWish – Life Goals, Wishlist, Bucket List

iWish app

Just like its name suggests, iWish is an app that lets you organize and manage your daily activities to eliminate the torments and hard feelings that come when we don’t achieve our set goals. Designed with colorful photos and themes, the iWish app allows you to track your bucket list to see whether you’ve accomplished your set goals. In addition to that, this app lets you set daily reminders as well as view motivational quotes to keep you motivated throughout your day.

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7. Way of Life

Way of Life app

Recognized as an Ultimate Habit Maker, the Way of Life is an exclusive app that lets you record your successes and failures for the day in form of graphs and tables. To give you a detailed report of your daily activities, this app uses a green and a red label to track your positive and negative sides of what you’re doing.

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8. Shuffle My Life – ThingsTo Do

Shuffle My Life app

If you’re an Android user searching for an app that will get you out of boredom, the Shuffle my Life is the best app to download. Available with a cool user interface, this app allows you to discover new people and places depending on your location. Depending on what you wish to do, this app offers different activities for each category ranging from Fitness, Creative, Social, and Urban among others. The Shuffle my Life app lets you receive notifications, earn points for achieving various tasks as well as save your tasks for future review.

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9. Habit Bull – Habit Tracker

Habit Bull app

If you’re searching for a habit tracking app that will help you manage your time on a daily basis, the Habit Bull—Habit Tracker is exactly what you need. Designed with a user-friendly interface, this app lets you track your daily activities while still allowing you to add positive habits which you’d like to adhere to. On the other hand, you’ll have a chance to list the bad habits which you’d like to cut down. Finally, the Habit Bull app offers you inspiring motivational quotes that will help you keep off the bad habits such as smoking or drinking.

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10. Pact

Pact app

Finally, in our list of the best motivational apps for Android, we have the Pact app. Quite different from the rest of the apps, this one lets users display their bank cards either to be debited or credited in case you succeed or fail to meet your daily target. In this app, users choose the amount they wish to place as punishment.

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Wrap up

Finally, if you are that person who always feels tormented, sad, and unmotivated, this list of the best motivational apps will give you the courage and inspiration you’ve always been looking for. Through going through each of the 10 apps, we believe you’ll come across an app that will be beneficial to you.