10 Best Apps for Engineering Students

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives thanks to the availability of different apps. Unlike in the past where phones were only intended for making calls and sending text messages, today’s smartphones have become more versatile and capable of doing a lot more.

When it comes to Engineering education, smartphones have become very popular to most students. Instead of having to carry bulky books, Engineering students now take advantage of the multiple apps available for engineering courses.

With just a few apps for engineering, students will now need to have a stable internet connection to gain access to useful information that will help them in their learning.

If you’re an engineering student and you’re searching for a few apps that will help you through your course, here are 10 of the best must-have apps that will help you through this year.

10 Best Apps for Engineering Students

1. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

The first app every engineering student should download in their smartphones is the RealCalc app. Unlike the normal calculators, this one performs many types of calculations some of which are quite complex. Among the many types of calculations this app can perform include; unit conversion, physics, hexadecimal conversion, log, and Binary.

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2. Professional Engineering

Professional Engineering

The second app that has won a large market share across most engineering students is the Professional Engineering app. Designed for Mechanical students by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, this app helps engineers keep in touch with the technical, educational, professional and political issues affecting engineering. The app features latest news, articles and developments in the industry.

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3. Mechanical Engineer One

Mechanical Engineer One App

In case you’re using an Android smartphone, you can opt to try the Mechanical Engineer One app instead. Designed with a simple user interface, this app allows you to solve different problems over a wide range of fields such as Civil engineering, Naval Architects, Electrical Engineering, and HVAC engineering among others.

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4. Software Engineering

Software Engineering App

Software engineering is one of the fields that have recorded the highest number of students in recent times. With the Software Engineering app now available for download, IT students will have a lot to enjoy here as the app comes with over 150 topics to study. With the app ready on your smartphone, engineering students will have a chance to learn more about project management, problem analysis, data flow and other programming related subjects without having to refer to their books.

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5. TurboViewer

TurboViewer App

Next, in our list of the best apps for engineering students, we have the TurboViewer. Designed for both Android and iOS, this app allows you to manage files, customize usage, view, and share your contents in both 2D and 3D formats. Designed to support email, Dropbox, and web downloads, the TurboViewer app will allow you to share your drawing with the rest of the app users for serious discussions.

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6. Engineering Unit Converter

Engineering Unit Converter App

Another app that’s readily available for both Android and iOS device users is the Engineering Unit Converter. Designed with an intuitive spinning wheel, this app will let you choose a category ranging from the length, energy, and electrical charge among others. One of the best things about this app is that it doesn’t require an internet connection to function.

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7. Basic Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering App

Another app that acts like a digital book for electronic engineering students is the Electronics Engineering app. With such an app at the disposal, you don’t have to carry bulky books as the app itself will give detailed notes, diagrams, equations, and formulas that will help you during your studies. The app is extremely helpful, concise, and very easy to browse through.

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8. Chegg Study

Chegg Study App

Next, in our list of the best apps, we have the Chegg Study app. With the introduction of e-learning, students now have nothing to worry about as the Chegg Study app is here to the rescue. With such an app, you will be able to communicate with your friends through text for a more unique and detailed user experience. Designed for both Android and iOS, the Chegg Study app is what every engineering student needs to keep up to date.

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9. Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering App

As you all know, Automotive Engineering is a very wide field that offers over 180 different topics related to graphical representation and equations. With the help of the Automobile Engineering app, you’ll find a wide range of topics such as Introduction to automobile engineering, Transmission System, Electrical, and full system among others. With the app right on your Android device, I don’t see the reason why students shouldn’t download it right on their smartphones.

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10. Civil Engineering Dictionary

Civil Engineering Dictionary App

Finally, in our list of the best apps for engineering students 2018, we have the Civil Engineering Dictionary. Similar to the rest of the apps we’ve mentioned earlier in this post, the Civil Engineering app will give you the exact words that are mostly used in the Civil Engineering field. This app will give you the necessary tutorials and lecturers related to civil engineering making it the best app to consider for all your Civil Engineering needs.

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Wrap up

That’s it. If you’re an engineering student and you’re searching for the best apps for engineering courses, the above apps are the best when it comes to taking your engineering experience to the next level.