10 Best Apps for Apple Watch 3

The release of the Apple Watch 3 has come with major improvements where iPhone owners will no longer have to use their smartphones to do basic tasks. Running the latest WatchOS operating system, the Apple Watch 3 is by far one of the best smartwatches you can’t miss to put on your wrist. Although this watch is designed with a fancy look with amazing features to enjoy, most users have been left with one major question—which are the best apps for my new Apple Watch 3?

Now, to ease the pressure, developers have taken the ball to their side by designing apps that will equip you with everything you’ll need to gain full control of your watch as well as your iPhone without having to retrieve it from the pocket. With that being said, this article will proceed to highlight 10 best apps for your Apple Watch 3.

10 Best Apps for Apple Watch 3

1. RunKeeper

RunKeeper Apple Watch 3

Are you an athlete or a cyclist? Well, one of the best Apple Watch 3 apps to consider is the RunKeeper. A well thought-out app with multiple features to utilize, the RunKeeper features a super-smooth user interface that lets you slide through the options pretty easily. This app comes with a strong GPS signal that tracks your workouts, a map, Bluetooth connectivity, and a pause/resume feature that lets you rest between various workouts. With an options to pair with your iPhone and choose which battery to drain, the RunKeeper is a must have app for new Apple Watch 3 users.

2. Sleep++

Sleep++ Apple Watch 3

Another app you can’t miss to have on your wrist is the Sleep++. As one of the most popular apps in the arena, the Sleep++ uses its motion tracking capabilities to track how long you have been sleeping. The app features a start and a stop button as well as a chart to display your sleep patterns. To ensure that you get the best out of this app, simply notify the app when you’re sleeping and the rest will be taken care of while you rest.

3. ETA

ETA Apple Watch 3

Are you planning on getting to town pretty quickly without getting stuck in traffic? Well, the best app to consider is the ETA. This travel assistant app will let you embark on a journey without worrying much as it gives you traffic updates, specific directions as well as a time estimate of how long it will take to get to your destination. Whether you’re walking, driving or commuting, ETA will give you everything you need to know right at the comfort of your wrist.

4. LifeSum

LifeSum Apple Watch 3

Are you the kind of people who live on a fixed diet? If so, the LifeSum is the perfect app for you. This app works with HealthKit to ensure that you achieve a healthy diet that will keep you motivated. This app helps you track your eating, drinking, moving, and stretching activities through allowing you to personalize your data. With such an app at the disposal, you don’t have to worry much about your nutritional needs as the app will provide you with a data at the long last.

5. Shazam

Shazam Apple Watch 3

When it comes to entertainment, one of the best apps you can’t miss to have on your Apple Watch 3 is the Shazam. In case you’re listening to a new song and you’d like to have first-hand information about it, all you need to do is launch Shazam and let it listen to the music for a while. The app then displays detailed information about the song as well as a list of other previous songs for you to buy via iTunes.

6. WeChat

WeChat Apple Watch 3

WeChat is a messaging and calling application that allows you to chat, connect, and share photos with friends and family. To ensure that you enjoy the best out of your Apple Watch 3, this app has made it easier for you to chat, view conversations, share your locations, and respond to messages at the comfort of your wrist.

7. iTranslate

iTranslate Apple Watch 3

Tourists or those people who enjoy exploring different parts of the globe have something to smile about thanks to the iTranslate app. By just tapping on the app, you will be able to speak in your language and leave the app to translate your words in one of the available 38 languages. With such an app on your wrist, what else are you waiting for?

8. Uber

Uber Apple Watch 3

Are you that busy person who’s always on the go? Well, you can opt to use your Apple Watch 3 to request for an Uber without having to use your iPhone with just a few steps. With the app right on your wrist, you only need to use the inbuilt GPS to allow Uber locate your location while still browsing through vital information such as driver’s details and the type of car you’re requesting.

9. Calcbot

Calcbot Apple Watch 3

If you’re an entrepreneur or maybe you’ve gone to a cafĂ© to order a cup of cappuccino, you can decide to use the Calcbot app to split the bills instead of having to use your precious iPhone. This app allows you to perform light arithmetic or rather basic calculations without having to do everything with your brains.

10. Runeblade

Runeblade Apple Watch 3

Do we have gaming enthusiasts in the house? Well, one of the best game apps you can’t miss to add on your Apple Watch 3 is the Runeblade. A fantasy adventure game that’s designed to keep you engaged for long hours, the Runeblade will give you multiple levels that involve fighting and winning battles, winning gold, and upgrading to new levels through the magical fantasy world.

Wrap up

Now that we’ve listed 10 of the best apps to consider for your Apple Watch 3, I believe that you’ll be in a position to make an informed decision when selecting the most useful apps for your daily routine. Although there are lots of other apps you can consider, this list consists of some of the essential apps you can’t do without.