Best Places to Sell Old Phones and How to Do It

The majority of us thinks phones are disposable things. We want to unbox and turn on new phones every day. Each month, manufacturers release new phones and we want to test them. It is hard to maintain this rhythm of buying new phones each month. Phones are expensive and each new phone tends to be more and more expensive. It is hard to our wallets to continue buying new phones. One of the possible solutions would be selling your old phones and buying new ones.

The Necessary Preparations to Sell Old Phones – Be Honest!

Keep in mind that as a seller, you will face two different kinds of buyers: those who know exactly what they want to buy and those who are just browsing websites to see an offer that calls their attention. When you get in touch with the buyer, the most important thing is that you have to be honest. You should not lie about the phone. Be always honest. Buyers do not want to deal with a seller that lies. If you have put your phone in a case and have used a screen cover since the day you unboxed it, tell the buyer, but only if it is true. You can even have more chances if your phone has some scratches and you tell the buyer because they will trust you and will not feel you cheated.

Selling Old Phones – Do a Brief Review

Keep in mind that not all buyers are tech geeks. Most people are just casuals and they do not know much about the latest news in tech. Also, it is nice to tell the buyer the reason why you are selling the phone. Tell them you need money to upgrade to a better phone. As previously said, be always honest when talking to the buyer.

Best Places to Sell your Old Phone

Now, it is time to choose the place in which you will sell your phone. We will list the most famous sites in which you can offer your phone and wait until a buyer appears to buy it.


It is a very known place to sell smartphones. Swappa is specialized in selling technology only, it is different than other selling websites. This website, in particular, is a proven method for phone trading. The staff of the website verifies every single detail and make sure everything is ok with the trade. For this reason, you need to be honest all the time. If the buyer sees something wrong, he or she can tell the staff and they will return the money to his or her account immediately.


If you want a broader audience, you can choose eBay as the place where you will sell your phone. Your chances of selling something are multiplied by using this website because of its larger audience. Also, if the buyer feels something wrong in the trade, eBay will return him or her the money. The only downside is the competition that is present on eBay due to the fact you will be competing with the entire world. On the other hand, more people will see your offer there.