Common Google Pixel 2 Problems and How to Fix Them

Google created Pixel 2 XL to be the ultimate Android experience. Everything that comes with the phone is there to be excellent. The phone is, in fact, excellent. The performance is superb, the camera has the highest quality, and the software is the best experience you can have with Android. On the other hand, the phone has been showing some problems with its hardware. The displays and the speakers, for example, they have shown problems that should not be there. We will present you now some common issues we found on Google Pixel 2 XL.

1. Display

Unfortunately, the solution of problems with display does not depend on you. In most cases, a replacement may be the best option. But, in the case it is software-related, there are some possible solutions.

  • Screen burn-in: Despite the fact that screen burn-in is a very common issue with OLED screen, it should not happen for months, or even years. On the other hand, Google Pixel 2 XL users have come across this problem after a few months of use. There is nothing you can do to solve this problem. Thus, the best option would be looking for a replacement.
  • Blue tint: It happens when you look at the display at an odd angle. A blue tint may appear depending on the angle. Only a replacement could fix it.
  • Dead pixels: Unfortunately, it is also a common issue on Pixel 2 XL. One of the possible solutions would be running an app that can fix this problem. You can find some apps on Google Play Store that can fix this. For example, you could choose Dead Pixels Test and Fix. If the app does not solve the problem, look for a replacement.

2. Google Pixel 2 XL: Random Reboots

Rebooting several times a day is also one of the possible problems on Google Pixel 2 XL. We have a potential solution:

  • A Rogue app can cause the problem. Boot the phone into Safe Mode (we have a guide that teaches you how) and see if the issue persists. If it does not happens in Safe Mode, the problem may be a particular app. You can delete the app that you think that is causing the problem or do a factory reset. Be aware that with the factory reset you will lose all your data.

3. Error Message when Opening the Camera

Some users got a “Fatal camera error” message when opening the camera app for the first time.

  • In this case, you may solve this doing a factory reset. In some cases, performing the factory reset twice may solve the problem permanently. The best thing you can do after the factory reset and before setting your device is opening the camera app to see if the problem persists.

Problems that Only an Official Software Update Could Solve

The following problems have no solution at the moment, but an official software update will probably solve them:

  • Call quality: The person at the other end may be unable to hear anything due to a problem with the second microphone.
  • Speaker quality: The sound may be very distorted when the volume is at the highest level. When the volume is at 75%, the distortion is less evident.