10 Best Must Have Apps for Writers (Android, iPhone)

Really! Best apps for writers! To speak the truth, I thought Microsoft Word was the only software that was used for writing. However, after getting deep into this topic, I was amazed to discover that there were indeed hundreds if not thousands of apps that are aimed at helping writers do their best.

Now, since these apps are too many for busy writers to peruse through and judge them, we have done the homework for you and filtered 10 of the best must have apps that will take your writing experience to a new level.

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10 Must Have Apps for Writers

1. Evernote

Evernote App

I believe you’ve heard of this app right? Evernote is among the best apps for professionals as it allows you to organize your personal projects for easy reference. With this app, you can write notes, sync them anywhere across all devices or share your ideas with the rest of the members. With a work space of 10GB every month, Evernote is a paid app that lets you enjoy your professional life at the comfort of your smartphone.

Download (Android, iOS)

2. yWriter

yWriter App

Are you a novel writer searching for the best app that will help you edit your work on the go? Well, the yWriter is the perfect app for you. With this app, all you need to do is simply copy paste your work on the app and see how it automatically breaks down your book into chapters and scenes. Fun right?

Download (Android, iOS)

3. Fade In

Fade In App

Fade In is one of the professional apps used by writers to edit screenplays. Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, Fade In is a feature-rich software that lets you format your screenplays using the available standard script styles. When you’re through editing your work, you can either save it right in your Dropbox account or simply sync your Smartphone with your PC for backup.

Download (Android, iOS)

4. Writer

Writer app

Writer is another amazing app that is closely related to Microsoft Word. With this app right in your smartphone, you can easily create a new word document and share your thoughts out. What makes this app worth your time is the fact that it lets you connect with friends and colleagues through joining discussions and sharing your thoughts out with each other. The Writer app has an automatic backup for your documents and is easy to use making it a must have for writers or office workers.

Download (Android, iOS)

5. LibreOffice

LibreOffice App

Next in our list of the best apps for writers, we have the LibreOffice. Another app that’s closely related to the Microsoft Office, the LibreOffice app allows you to present and view your documents using your smartphone. Unlike the rest of the apps, LibreOffice comes in different versions depending on your Phone’s Operating System. For those using Android, you will use the LibreOffice Viewer version while those using iOS will have to download the LibreOffice Remote For Impress version.

Download (Android, iOS)

6. iA Writer

iA Writer App

iA Writer is another writing app that’s highly used across the Android and iOS device users. Hailed for its simplicity, this app allows you to write and edit white paper texts, novels, poems, essays and business proposals easily and conveniently. This app allows you to share as well as view all your documents through syncing your smartphone via Google Drive and Dropbox.

Download (Android, iOS)

7. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word App

If there’s one app we can’t miss to mention in this post is the Microsoft Word app. While most PC users are used to the dominant Microsoft Word, the app itself is another excellent alternative that lets you accomplish your writing tasks at the comfort of your Android and iOS smartphone. With the Microsoft Word app, you will be able to view PDF documents, edit files and share them out with friends and colleagues easily using your smartphone.

Download (Android, iOS)

8. WordBook

WordBook App

If you’re a writer and you’re searching for the perfect way of improving your punctuation, grammar skills and broaden your vocabulary, the WordBook app is exactly what you need. With this app, you’ll be able to search for words and their meanings using the Dictionary and Thesaurus to ensure that you improve your content writing day by day. With this app, you’ll enjoy over 120,000 pronunciations, voice pronunciation, spell check suggestions and 30,000 etymologies all at a reduced fee.

Download (Android, iOS)

9. Trello App

Trello App

In most cases, we fail to meet our personal goals due to poor management and lack of proper organization. To ensure that we become better versions of ourselves, one app you need to have is Trello. Whether you’re writing, supervising a team or organizing your kitchen, Trello will help you through your projects by simply customizing your workflow.

Download (Android, iOS)

10. aTimeLogger

aTimeLogger App

Finally in our list of the best apps for writers, we have the aTimeLogger app. Quite similar to Trello, the aTimeLogger app is the best self timing app that lets you manage your time when writing, resting or doing other chores. Writers, professionals and athletes who can’t afford to waste a single minute of their lives will appreciate using this app as it tracks your daily, weekly and monthly activities then present them in form of a diagram or a graph.

Download (Android, iOS)

Wrap up

If you’re a writer wondering which apps to consider for your writing needs, I believe you’re now fully satisfied with the list above. Whether it’s writing, editing, sharing or managing your time, I believe these apps will really help you throughout your writing experience.