10 Best Must-Have Apps for Book Lovers (Android, iPhone)

How much do you love reading? Instead of having to carry bulky books in your laptop bag to read at home over the weekend, there is a wide pipeline of apps you can consider that will not only enhance but will also revolutionize your reading experience.

With just your smartphone and a stable internet connection, you can easily download the best books, read them online or simply save and organize them in the virtual library for offline reading.

In this article, we will proceed to highlight 10 of the best reading apps you can’t miss to download.

1. Foxit PDF Reader & Converter

Foxit PDF Reader & Converter App

Developed by Foxit Corporation, the Foxit PDF Reader & Converter is an app that lets you view, edit, and organize PDF files right on your Android or iOS device. Taking advantage of its cutting edge technology (ConnectedPDF), this app lets you secure your most vital PDF files from any possible loss. Finally, the Foxit PDF Reader & Converter allows you to access who reads your PDF files and lets you share them out with friends or colleagues via a file links.

Download (Android, iOS)

2. Wattpad

Wattpad App

Next, we have the Wattpad app. An app that connects you to millions of readers and writers from across the globe, enthusiast readers will have a chance to browse through multiple books from various categories such as fiction, comedy, fantasy and action adventure among others. Here, you’ll have a chance to join the global community to read, write, and share your thoughts with the rest of the users. If you’re searching for an interesting way of enjoying your special reading hobby, then feel free to download this app right in your iOS and Android Smartphone.

Download (Android, iOS)

3. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle App

I believe you must have heard of this word before. Amazon Kindle is one of the best and most preferred apps by most enthusiast readers across the globe. The app allows you to read multiple books for free across a wide range of selections. Students, especially young kids can easily benefit from this app especially the inbuilt dictionary which lets you search for words and their meanings. There’s also a Google search engine and a Wikipedia in the package which again lets you search for more information and clarification in case something is not clear. Highlight passages, make notes, highlight keywords, and bookmark your best books all by using the Amazon Kindle app in your Android or iOS Smartphone.

Download (Android, iOS)

4. Google Play Books

Google Play Books App

One of the apps that have been keeping Amazon Kindle on its toes is the Google Play Books. Recognized by millions of users as the best app for reading, this app allows you to choose your best books from millions of options ranging from comics, comedy, audio books to e-books. This app allows you to read or simply listen to audio books making it the perfect app for all categories of users. Whether you own an Android or an iOS smart device, Google Play Books is a one-stop app that lets you download and enjoy your best books to quench your thirst for reading.

Download (Android, iOS)

5. Epic!

Epic! App

Just staring at the user interface, it’s evident that this reading app is designed for kids. Offering over 25,000 catchy titles for your kids to choose from, the Epic! App is a fantastic addition in this list especially for kids that enjoy reading a lot. Among the many books and audio books your kid will find in this app include; the National Geographic kids, Flat Stanley, and Chronicles of Nania among others. In case you have several kids, this app will sort them all as it allows creation of up to 4 profiles per account.

Download (Android, iOS)

6. Pocket

Pocket App

If you have a video or a link you wish to view later, then the Pocket app is the perfect place to save your contents. With this app, you can save your best books from any location such as your PC, your social media accounts, your email and other reading apps without much of a hassle. Designed with an intuitive user interface, the Pocket app is the best app to consider especially if you’re searching for the best app that supports text to speech.

Download (Android, iOS)

7. Goodreads

Goodreads App

If you’re yet to join a group of potential readers, then you have a chance of doing that by downloading the Goodreads app right in your Android or iOS Smartphone. As one of the largest social network where readers converge to read, review, upload, and comment on books, the Goodreads features over one billion books which are added by its large number of members. Here, you can organize your virtual bookshelf, search for your favorite books and share your comments with the rest of the app members as you continue to enjoy your time.

Download (Android, iOS)

8. Poetry

Poetry App

From William Shakespeare to Emily Dickinson, Poetry is one-stop app that gives you access to thousands of contemporary poems to read and share out with friends. With this app, you can search for all categories of poems of your choice, save them in your email or social media account or simply keep them in your Smartphone library for easy access. Available for both Android and iOS devices, what else will you be searching for if Poetry is right at your disposal?

Download (Android, iOS)

9. Scribd

Scribd App

Scribd is among the best reading apps that gives you access to an unlimited number of audio books, magazines, and documents. With such an app, you have every reason to stay updated and captivated with the best books around. Apart from just the books, this app lets you access various articles of your choice from top rated sources and give you a chance to store your collection offline to read at any time. To enjoy the best out of Scribd, you have to subscribe at a reduced fee for you to enjoy the best from the world of books.

Download (Android, iOS)

10. OverDrive

OverDrive App

Finally, we have the OverDrive reading app. This app allows you to borrow books across the best 30,000+ libraries worldwide. The app operates for 24 hours 7 days a week meaning there’s no delay when it comes to books delivery. The app lets you create a Wishlist, return books easily as well as create your own library of books to make reading a breeze.

Download (Android, iOS)

Wrap up

If you’ve already downloaded any of the above 10 apps for reading, then Congratulations! Although there are other smart apps available out there, our list has included some of the best and most responsive apps which will work for both your devices whether iOS or Android.