10 Best Musical Instrument Apps for Android & iPhone

There are lots of apps available for download both in the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store. When searching for the best musical instrument apps, you’ll find lots of other apps which are of less desirable offerings to you.

Therefore, to filter out the options and only leave you with the best musical instrument apps for your iOS and Android smartphones, this article will highlight 10 of the best apps which we believe will offer you real value.

Best Musical Instrument Apps

1. Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar App

The first musical instrument app you need to check out is the Ultimate Guitar app. Available for both iOS and Android, this app gives you access to a large catalog of music options such as guitar, ukulele chords, lyrics and tabs at the comfort of your Smartphone. Watch and explore over 800,000 songs and use the available features to edit lyrics, tabs and chords to suit your requirements. Depending on which areas you need to improve the most, Ultimate Guitar is exactly what you need to make it happen.

Download (Android, iOS)

2. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile App

Next in our list, we have the FL Studio Mobile. A very advanced app that’s available for both Android and iOS, the FL Studio Mobile lets you record, edit, and render full songs to suit your taste. If you’re learning how to be a DJ, this app might be your best choice. It lets you add special effects to complete songs such as volume adjustments, high/low bass, filters, delays and phaser. Use the available features such as graphic equalizers, auto ducker, distortion, flanger and parametric equalizer among others. If you’re searching for a feature-rich app that won’t disappoint you, then don’t hesitate to download the FL Studio Mobile.

Download (Android, iOS)

3. Metronome

Metronome App

Another app that really works well for music enthusiasts is the Metronome app. Featuring a comprehensive single-screen interface, the Metronome app uses flashing LED lights to create complex rhythms. This app offers you 6 rhythmic patterns to utilize, 3 sound sets and multi-tasking support for a more exclusive experience.

Download (Android, iOS)

4. Pro Metronome

Pro Metronome App

First, it was the Metronome app and now it’s the Pro Metronome app. This app is one of the most powerful musical instrument apps that lets you customize your music practicing skills to meet the required levels. With this app, you can easily change beat sounds, ascents, beat volumes, access polyrhythmic settings and create complex patterns. You can use vibrations or LED flashes to get the rhythms right during practice. With such smart features from such a powerful app, what else are you searching for?

Download (Android, iOS)

5. Simply Piano

Simply Piano App

If you’re a pianist and you’re searching for the best app that will help you to advance your skills, the Simply Piano might be the perfect match. With this app, all you need to do is simply place your smartphone on your acoustic and start playing the piano. The app will automatically recognize the tunes and provide feedback on how you’re fairing. Yu can opt to take a full course and start your journey of becoming a pro all by using your smartphone. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, the Simply Piano is one app that will take your music experience to a new level.

Download (Android, iOS)

6. Yousician

Yousician App

Similar to Simply Piano, the Yousician app works by listening to your tunes when playing your favorite musical instruments then provides feedback depending on your performance. Whether you’re playing the guitar, piano, ukulele or bass, this app will give you a step-by-step tutorial through the course to help you improve in every area. The next time you search for a useful app for music, please don’t miss out to download the Yousician.

Download (Android, iOS)

7. Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano App

If your aspiration is to learn how to play the piano, then you’re in the right place. The Perfect Piano is one outstanding app that will take you through the program at a pace that you’ll understand. This piano simulator app is designed with intelligent features that will keep you captivated throughout the course. The app lets you utilize various features and adjustments such as single row mode, chords mode, double row mode and dual players. The app supports timbre plug-ins, USB MIDI keyboard, piano widgets and lets you share your files or set them as ringtones.

Download (Android, iOS)

8. iBone

iBone App

Next in our list of the best apps, we have the iBone app. Available for both Android and iOS, this app lets you play the real trombone right at the comfort of your smartphone. With this app, you can play the trombone anywhere at any time. With the help of the iBone Songbook and roboBone, you can easily practice and learn trombone playing skills, songs and positions thus making you a real pro. If you’re a pro or a beginner in trombone playing, why not try this app out and see how entertaining it’s going to be.

Download (Android, iOS)

9. Bongos

Bongos App

Another app that offers music enthusiasts real entertainment is the Bongos app. Whether you’re a pro or just a beginner, this app lets you play the drums in a professional way thanks to its excellent features. In this app, you’ll find 18 different Bongo samples and different professionally recorded sounds that will make your music experience even more fun filled. Whether you’re aspiring to become a professional musician or you’re just playing the drums for fun, this app is a real master once you download it in your smartphone.

Download (Android, iOS)

10. MorphWiz

MorphWiz App

Are you searching for an app that will help you express your melodic world with beautiful fun-filled sounds? Well, the MorphWiz app will let you do just that. Created for smartphone users who love fun, this app will let you enjoy different melodies and tunes just by sliding through the galaxy spins. Enjoy the tunes and the speckling colors at the comfort of your Android and iOS smartphone using this exclusive app.

Download (Android, iOS)

Wrap up

That’s it for today. If you’ve read through all the 10 apps in this list, chances are that you’ve already found a perfect app that will suit your music needs. The best thing about these apps is that they’re all available in the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store.

Therefore, whether you own an Android or an iOS Smartphone, you’ll not have any difficulties downloading any of the apps as they’re readily available in your respective stores.