10 Best Voice Recording Apps for Android & iPhone

Whether you’re planning to record important discussions, lectures or business sessions with your colleagues or business partners, having a high-quality voice recorder at the disposal might be the perfect option.

Voice recording apps are very essential for journalists or investigative units. They help to create the best podcasts and audio notes which are ideal for conducting investigations and tutorials.

In case you are searching for the best recording apps for your smartphone, this article will highlight 10 of the best apps for both iPhone and Android you can’t miss to download.

Best Voice Recording Apps for Android & iPhone

1. Rev Audio and Voice Recorder

Rev Audio and Voice Recorder

One of the best apps you need to download for your iOS or Android smartphone is the Rev Audio and Voice Recorder. A simple app that lets you record memos, lectures, interviews and special business meetings, Rev app lets you edit, organize and share these recordings using any of your preferred sharing apps. This app has a concise user interface and a powerful audio recording capability.

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2. Audio Memos

Audio Memos app

Another app that works perfectly for both iOS and Android is the Audio Memos app. Designed with an intuitive user interface; this app is able to automatically record clear audios even when your phone is in sleep mode. With such an app, you can easily record lectures, interviews and business meetings then send them in your email for storage or sharing with your friends or business partners.

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3. Dictate2us Recorder and Transcription

Dictate2us Recorder and Transcription

Next, we have the dictate2us app for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices. Recognized for its ability to transcribe and record audio files, this award-winning app allows you to categorize and save your best audios in your PC, tablet or Smartphone for later review. The dictate2us recording app offers you a free trial after which you’ll be charged a small fee of £1.55 per audio minute. If you might be wondering which app to use for your recording tasks, don’t hesitate to download the dictate2us app.

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4. AudioNote

AudioNote app

Another app we can’t miss to point out is the AudioNote app. Developed by Luminant Software Inc., this app offers students and business personnel the perfect way of recording lectures, interviews and study sessions without worrying on the quality of the sound delivered. To avoid wasting time searching for a specific recording, this app features special links that walks you through each recording with ease. If your Smartphone is not enough, you can use the desktop support feature to view your recordings on your PC or Mac. Would you like to share your recording with friends and colleagues? Well, the AudioNote app allows you to share your best audio files via Dropbox, Wi-Fi, and iCloud.

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5. ClearRecord Pro

ClearRecord Pro App

Another recording app you can’t miss to download right in your Android or iOS device is the ClearRecord Pro app. Another high-quality app that supports the Ambient Noise Reduction (ANR) feature, this special app allows you to record audio files even in the most extreme conditions without interrupting the sound quality. To ensure that you save your files in a way that you won’t forget, you can opt to edit, tag and add photos to your audio files. The ClearRecord Pro app has an auto resume feature in case you received a phone call earlier and it allows you to share your best recording via Dropbox, Wi-Fi or email in case you need to conduct thorough discussion with your group members.

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6. Evernote

Evernode App

Next in our list of the best apps for Android and iOS, we have the Evernote app. Developed by the Evernote Corporation; this app offers you the best way of planning, organizing, editing, and sharing your documents without having to include a backup app. When it comes to recording audios, Evernote allows you to take advantage of its inbuilt recording capability through clicking on the microphone icon. Although it doesn’t give you the freedom to make long recording like other app do, Evernote does its best to ensure that you enjoy everything from both worlds.

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7. ipadio

ipadio app

Hailed for its user friendly interface, ipadio is one of the easiest apps that makes recording of audio files extremely easy and fun-filled. This app lets you record interviews and lectures up to 60 minutes, add titles and photos then post them to your preferred social media sites using your Android or iOS smartphone. While using this app, you don’t have to mind about data connectivity as this app will wait for the next available network to upload all your recordings to the net or in your wordpress. With such an exclusive app at the disposal, what else are you searching for?

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8. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder App

Are you searching for a perfect way of recording you phone calls? Well, the Automatic Call Recorder is the best app to consider. Designed for both Android and iOS, this app allows you to select which calls to record, add notes and share these calls with your friends and family via the social media, Dropbox, email or SMS. The Automatic Call Recorder features a free and a paid version making it a must have to business personnel, students, journalists and investigative units.

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9. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile app

Although this app falls more on the music category, it’s also one of the best voice recording apps you should consider. With this app, you can easily record voices while still using the available effects to edit and make your recordings more captivating. Highly preferred by users aspiring to be musicians and DJs, the FL Studio Mobile is another voice recording app you can’t miss to have.

Download (Android, iOS)

10. Voice Recorder HD

Voice Recorder HD app

Finally in our list of the best voice recording apps for Android and iOS, we have the Voice Recorder HD. Designed with a simplified user interface; this app allows you to make high quality voice recordings of lectures, interviews or journals for future reference. With this app, you can enjoy up to 2 hours of uninterrupted voice recordings, save your recordings on your PC or share them out via email or other sharing apps. Designed to support both iOS and Android, the Voice Recorder HD is one of the best apps you need to download today.

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Wrap up

Of course there are lots of other brilliant apps you can consider in case the ones mentioned here did not appeal you. However, having done an in-depth research on the best apps for voice recording, we believe that this list will certainly appeal you especially if you’re planning to record lectures or interviews. With just your smartphone and a stable internet connection, getting any of the above apps is simple as you only need to download them from the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.