5 Best Lesser Known Google Apps You Should Try

Android users know about commonly used Google apps such as Gmail, YouTube, and Google drive, among others. However, Google is always developing new Apps that improve users experience by making life more comfortable. Also, some of these apps are unknown to most android users.

Below are some of these fantastic apps which the Android users know little about them.

5 Lesser Known Google Apps You Must Try

1. PhotoScan


Googles understand that every photo you have is essential. PhotoScan is an excellent Google app since it is one of the best alternatives to help in scanning your old photos. Using the app is not hard. For instance, you can just position the photograph in the frame and take a snapshot through points displayed on the screen.

PhotoScan can tilt a picture without producing glare, to create a distinctly framed image in the right perspective. Even though it doesn’t look astounding, it is the best choice especially if you can’t afford to buy a scanner. Additionally, it can also upload every picture to Google Photos automatically.

2. Google Trips

Google Trip app

This is one of the Google apps that is relatively worrying because after an android user installs it, it updates the previous and planned travels immediately. It identifies your trip and booking emails in Gmail and then places everything together in folders.

On every journey, you can explore hotels or restaurants, flights, and even tourist attractions. These places can either be placed together or separated by suggestions on a roadmap within a specified period. Also, it provides information about local currencies and hospitals. Android users can even download anything needed so that they can check them later while being offline.

3. Trusted Contacts

Trusted Contacts app

This is one of the Google apps that is an excellent option for family use. If for instance, a family member leaves your house, you can keep in contact if they fail to check your WhatsApp messages or answer your call. The app can excellently pick up a person’s Android phone location every time you need it.

You can choose your contacts who will get notified once they know your location. You can decide to share your location always or to reply to requests about your place only. Another feature includes informing people about your location up to 24 consecutive times and then canceling the service before that too. Trusted Contacts is also available for iOS users.

4. Science Journal

Science Journal app

This is a great app for recording your experiments and observations all over the world. It is an excellent app for children and students, but anyone can use it. If you access your journal, you can open a new experiment and begin recording some observations.

Apart from giving access to the camera for photos and videos and access to additional files, you can also find a toolbar for science experiments. The toolbar includes ambient light, a sound sensor, a compass, an accelerometer and a magnetometer.

5. Accessibility Scanner

Accessibility Scanner app

This Google app may appear useless for many Android users, but its accessibility is useful for many people with vision problems who desire to use a smartphone. For those who are colorblind, blind or have limited vision, they need specific conditions to access and use their apps efficiently. Therefore, accessibility scanner comes in handy for such situations.

The app has a scan button placed over on the screen, so a user or a visually impaired person can enter any apps and then request for their assessment with improvement suggestions. Developers can use this feature to determine what they can upgrade and users can send evaluations so that companies can enhance their apps for people who need improvements.