Best Body Mounted Video Cameras

The body camera has grown to become a big part of our daily lives, which is just as it should be. From its early beginnings as the ultimate spy kit, body cameras have become nearly ubiquitous today. They have been found applicable in several roles including policing and surveillance, sports, and recreation, commerce, education, and healthcare.

Because body-mounted cameras serve diverse purposes, they are built differently and they come with different specifications, so if you are looking to get yourself a wearable mini camera anytime soon, you would do well to go through this list of the ten best body cameras.

Top 10 Best Body Mounted Video Cameras

1. MIUFLY 1296 HD Police Body Camera

The MIUFLY 1296 HD Police Body Camera comes with a 2-Inch LCD playback monitor, an in-built 128GB Memory, and a powerful 3100mAh battery which lets you record up to 10 hours of video without running out of juice. The privacy features let you protect your files with a password. It also comes fitted with two Night Vision capable infrared LEDs that can capture images up to 32 feet away in the darkness. In addition, all recordings captured by the MIUFLY is tagged with a timestamp as well as GPS coordinates allowing law enforcement authorities to identify the exact time and place of the event. The latest firmware allows users to delete files directly on the camera.

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MIUFLY 1296 HD Police Body Camera

2. BOBLOV WA7-D Body Camera

The BOBLOV WA7-D Body Camera is a compact, remote control enabled body camera. It features a 2″ LCD display,  HD Camera, IR Night Vision, 170 degree FOV, Built-in microphone and speaker, a powerful 4000mAh built-in rechargeable battery and a 64GB memory with the capability of recording about 9 hours of video footage. With the BOBLOV WA7-D, you can record audio, video or takes photos without ever needing to the touch the camera with its remote control feature lending it more flexibility. The device boasts of a full 1296p HD feature providing crisp audio & video recording capability.

BOBLOV WA7 Body Camera

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3. ehomful Wearable Mini Body Camera

This wearable mini camera is the ultimate spy kit. It comes with an integrated USB port for easy charging or data transferring from the computer or laptop. The body camera features 120 degree field of view and records stunning 1080p HD video. You can wear the body cam on your clothes or keep it in your pocket or even wear around your neck with lanyard. The mini pen-sized camera is easy to use with just one button to press record or pause.

ehomful Body Camera

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4. CammPro Premium Portable Body Camera

The Cammpro 128G Police body camera that can be used by prosecutors, security guards and other law enforcement departments. The Cammpro 128G body cam comes equipped with high-intensity infrared LEDs which can record clear footage up to 50 feet away in pitch-black darkness. The camera offers a battery capacity of 3500mAh that lets you record footage for up to 11 hours. The Cammpro body cam  also features password protection, to prevent unauthorized access.

Cammpro 128G

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5. MIUFLY 2K Pro Police Body Camera for Law Enforcement

The MIUFLY 2K Pro Police Body Camera is the perfect spy gadget for security guards, police officers, bouncers and other law enforcement officials. Its features include a 2 Inch LCD display, a 2560 x 1440 resolution camera, clear Night Vision recording, 16x Digital Zoom, 60 seconds pre-event recording and the ability to take photos during video recording. A powerful built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery combines with a 64GB built-in memory to support about up to 12 hours of continuous video recording at 480p recording. In addition, the camera also allows you to set a password to avoid all recorded files being stolen or deleted.

MIUFLY 2K Pro Police Body Camera

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6. Wandwoo Police Body Camera

The Wandwoo Police Body Camera is built for indoor and outdoor conditions, it is perfect for police officers, security guards, and other professionals. It comes with an HD 1296P, a 140 degree wide angle and 16X digital zoom that allows a user to get footage clearly and widely. A 3000mAh rechargeable battery provides about 8 hours of power when fully charged and high-intensity infrared LEDs allows users to capture images up to 26 feet away in the pitch-black darkness. The Wandwoo Police Body Camera provides a pleasant user experience. It is portable, lightweight yet sturdy and easy to operate with many of its functions easily enabled with the simple touch of a button.

Wandwoo Police Body Camera

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7. BOBLOV Body Camera 1296P Body Wearable Camera

This wearable camera is perfect for security and law enforcement officers. It features a true HD 1296P 140 degree wide angle lens. A powerful built-in 2850mAh rechargeable battery combines with a 128GB SD card to support about 10 hours of continuous video recording in 1080P. High-intensity infrared LEDs, allow the camera to capture clear footage up to 10 meters away even in pitch-black darkness, while a 360 Degree Rotation Belt Clip makes it mountable in a variety of positions.

BOBLOV Body Camera 1296P Body Wearable Camera

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8. Veho Muvi HD Pro 2 Camcorder

The Veho Muvi HD Pro 2 Camcorder is designed for the law enforcement and security professionals. To this end, it comes with a wireless remote, a set of mounting brackets that allow it fit nicely on a helmet, dashboards, and on clothes. Its takes still photos at up to 16MP and video resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 at 30fps. The camera features a 103 degree wide angle lens and comes with a night vision mode that provides visibility in the dark up to 3m away. It also features a built-in 32GB internal flash memory, an internal battery of 1500mAh that offers up to 4hrs of recording.

Veho Muvi HD Pro 2 Camcorder

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9. PatrolEyes WiFi HD Body Camera

The PatrolEyes WiFi HD Body Camera is a wide angle night vision body camera for law enforcement. Its features include a 140 degree Wide Angle lens, a 1296P camera resolution, a 32GB ( also available in 64 GB version) built-in memory card combines with a strong battery capacity to provide up to 10 hours of recording. The camera also features built in Wifi that allows you to change settings and review footage, directly from your smart phones app. Also, the device is waterproof up to 3ft depth. The PatrolEyes WiFi HD Body Camera comes with a 360 degree metal clip that attaches to your uniform. Additionally, there is also an optional magnet mounts as well.

PatrolEyes WiFi Wide Angle Night Vision Police Body Camera
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10. Transcend Body Security Camera

The Transcend DrivePro 20 Body Surveillance Camera comes with 2.8 apertures and 160 Degree viewing angle for clear and smooth 1080P recordings. A built-in battery and a 32GB memory space allow for up to 3.5 hours of continuous recordings. The design is sturdy yet sleek and it is shockproof and water resistant. It records videos in short 3 min clips. In addition, downloading the Transcend Toolbox software proved to be quite an ordeal.

Transcend Body Security Camera

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