9 Best Camera Drones

Have you ever wondered how the bird sees the world? Did you ever wish to look at things from a bird’s eye? How exciting it would be if you can stare at things like they do!

Due to the advancement of the modern tech industry, and the invention of drone, this is now a reality.

If you are looking to buy a drone, here’s our selection of the 9 best camera drones you should consider.

Top 9 Best Camera Drones

1. DJI Mavic Pro 4K Quadcopter

DJI Mavic Pro 4K Quadcopter

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Taking your aerial piloting experience to the next level, DJI Mavic Pro 4K Quadcopter comes with a combination of stunning portable design and powerful specs. In this drone era, Mavic drone is playing a monopolistic game. Cool controlling system, outstanding camera capability, smart sensors and long-lasting batteries make this drone to stand out from the rest.

Though it has a compact size, almost pocket-sized, but the drone comes with the most powerful camera. It can record 4K videos or UHD at 30fps and FHD videos or 1080p at 96 fps. This drone comes with total 12 MP and can capture still photography in three modes- single shot, bursting shot and auto exposure bracketing. The captured photos will be saved in JPEG and DNG format and videos will be saved in MP4 and MOV format. You can store your photos and videos using micro SD card (up to 128GB).

Not only it has awesome camera but also amazing controlling system. The brand new OcuSync Transmission allows the drone to fly in 4.3 miles (7km) range at a speed of 40Mb/s. It comes with a flight time of 27 minutes. Additionally, Flight Autonomy feature allows the drone to fly 50ft in front at 22mph without touching a single obstacle.

2. Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone

Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone

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Among the midrange drones, Holy Stone HS120D is highly appreciated by various customers for its super-built quality and price. The built-in GPS with 1080p HD camera makes this 250g drone breakthrough on the the market.

The HD FPV camera that comes with this mid-range drone is capable of capturing 1080p videos. It neither has jello effect nor camera wobble because of its super stabilization feature. Moreover, the drone camera comes with 120-degree tilting facility which you can adjust electronically. You will find scroll wheel and a dedicated button in your 100m ranged transmitter. Scroll wheel helps to control the tilting, whereas dedicated button helps to save your photos or videos to micro SD card. In the transmitter, you can also watch your GPS lock status. Furthermore, you will get 120-degree FPV streaming facility within a 300m range.

The large battery of 1200mAh allows Holy Stone Drone having a longer flight time of 18 minutes. Batteries take only 2 hours to get fully charged. Additionally, in the transmitter, you can watch battery status. The one key takeoff and landing feature with headless mode and altitude mode makes it one of the best camera drones within the mid-range market.

3. DJI Phantom 4 Drone

DJI Phantom 4 Camera Drone

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The manufacturer of DJI Phantom 4 is ruling the drone market with their motto- easy to fly, hard to crash. Well, let’s jump straight to its features.

This quadcopter is capable of capturing 4K videos up to 30 fps. Not only that, it can create impressive slow motion at 1080p having a frame rate of 120fps. The gimbal provides maximum stabilization while the drone is moving. Also, flight video functionality allows tracking your movement automatically and seamlessly. Moreover, this drone can capture photos using 12MP shooting sensor. There you will find a built-in visual sensor that protects the drone by avoiding objects. If somehow the drone gets hit by an object, don’t worry, the reinforced magnesium will protect your drone from being broken.

The sleek and streamlined aerodynamic design helps the drone deliver high speed. It is integrated with intelligent flight support. These features allow the drone to fly at a firing speed of 45mph with vision positioning support. Just turn your Sports Mode on and feel the fire in the air. It has a flight time of up to 28 minutes.

4. Parrot PF728000 Anafi 4K Drone

Parrot PF728000 Anafi 4K Drone

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Smaller design, superior performance, longer battery, longer flight time, enriched camera feature- these can be shortlisted as the specs of Parrot Anafi 4K Drone. This compact sized drone will surely enhance your drone flying experience.

This 11.3 oz weighing lightweight drone has a 21-megapixel camera which can record 4K HDR or 2.7K videos. You will also find improved software optimization that helps to improve the image capturing quality. The Parrot Anafi 4K Drone is equipped with a Parrot Skycontroller 3 folding remote control and can be located at any time through your smartphone.

The high capacity battery of 2700mAh ensures its longer flight time of 25 minutes. People are prone to choosing this mini-drone because of its excellent control at distant of 2.50 miles. Moreover, the 3-axis stabilization system enables higher stability while the drone is moving.

5. GoPro Karma w/HERO5

GoPro Karma with HERO5

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Looking for a drone capable of shooting perfect video with maximum sharpness and superb stability? Then this review is just for you. The GoPro Karma is equipped with GoPro Hero 5 Black action camera. The outstanding shooting feature of this drone makes it one of the best drone for professionals or 4K video shooting.

The Hero 5 camera is capable of shooting videos at 3840 x 2160 resolution or 4K up to 60 frames per second. In HD and FHD you can shoot up to 240 fps. Furthermore, it can also record videos in 2.7K up to 120fps. It also has the capability of capturing photos at 12 megapixels. For ensuring perfect videos for your GoPro Karma, there comes 3-axis gimbal facility. This enables to shoot with maximum stabilization even in the windy condition. You can shoot wide angle or Ariel shots using liners-view setting.

This 2.2lbs weighing drone has an incredible flight time of 20 minutes and has easy flight controlling clamshell controller. Also, you will find 5-inch built-in LCD touchscreen providing maximum hover accuracy. The 2.4 GHz highly powered transmitter frequency allows you to adjust the speed according to your proficiency even at a max altitude of 14500ft.

6. DJI Spark Fly More Combo

DJI Spark Fly More Combo

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The Spark from the manufacturer DJI is a little beast in the air. With its unique facial recognition technology and appealing compact size, it is considered one of the best drones for intermediate flyers.

This DJI Spark comes with 12MP CMOS sensor which provides sharp and vivid pictures. The larger the pixel the better the photosensitivity. It is capable of recording 1080p videos at 30fps. Not only that, if you are almost 2km away from your drone, the Wi-Fi transmission technology allows real-time video playback. Spark’s camera has f/2.6 wide-angle lens which is equivalent to 25mm focal length. To get vivid and maximum color correction out of the camera there are 5 elements arranged inside it. There is also 2-axis gimbal which helps to reduce shake.

This drone is easy to control with quick launch feature. You can share, edit you captured videos on the go. Moreover, the activity tracker, TapFly and FPV flight feature makes it one of the most demandable drones among intermediate users.

7. DROCON X708W Wi-Fi FPV Quadcopter

DROCON X708W Drone

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DROCON FPV Quadcopter comes with super easy operation mode- one key takeoff and landing, auto return mode and headless mode. These make it a complete drone for beginners to start piloting.

This premium material made quadcopter comes with built-in HD Camera. Connect the camera though Wi-Fi-signal to your smartphone and watch your bird view. This drone will also provide you an FPV (first-person-view) experience through nose camera. Just connect VR headset and feel yourself flying like a bird.

This fully aerodynamic engineering quadcopter has a unique streamlined-shaped body. This battery powered quadcopter weighs only 1.57 pounds. When it is fully charged it can run in the air for 7-10 minutes. Furthermore, you can perform 360 flips smoothly with this drone. It will surely enhance your drone piloting experience.

8. DBPOWER U818A WiFi Drone


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DBPOWER Drone comes with well-engineered integrated prop guards which ensures safer fly and makes it one of the best toy drone in the market. It is the best choice for the kids because of its one-key return facility, headless mode, 3D flipping option and also for speed adjustment.

This quadcopter weights 131g and comes equipped with an outstanding camera feature- drone flyers will surely love it. Though the camera is only 1 megapixel, it can take HD photos and 1280×720 videos with audio recording facility. After you are finished recording all photos and videos will be saved in camera’s memory card. Also, you will get the real-time Wi-Fi transmission. That enables sharing your photos and videos while flying the drone directly to your smartphone.

Overall, this toy quadcopter also has a headless mode, easy app controlling operation, 360 degrees flipping feature. The Gyro technology that is attached to the drone makes it more stable. You will also hear a beeping sound in your remote transmitter while the battery is draining out.

9. Syma X5C Quadcopter

Syma X5C Quadcopter

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Don’t worry if you are tight on a budget choosing a drone. This affordable quadcopter comes with endless features which will surely exceed your expectations.

Within a 7-minute flight time, you will surely enjoy the stabilization system because of it’s 6-axis Gyro facility. This budget drone is equipped with a 2-megapixel camera. Though it’s not enough still does your job. Why? Because it captures HD quality photos and shoots HD quality videos without any camera wobble. Though according to some users the photo or video might be of average quality, if you look at the budget it will undoubtedly serve your purposes.

This battery powered quadcopter has a flight time of 6-8 minutes and a flight range of 150-ft. It comes with a rechargeable battery of 500mAh. Moreover, this 0.24lbs quadcopter can fly seamlessly in indoors and outdoors. The durably designed quadcopter also features a headless mode for better controlling. To control flipping at 360 degrees of the Syma X5C all you need to do is just press a button. And that’s it!

Still confused? From the aforementioned top 10 best camera drones reviews, you’ve got a complete idea about different functions of drones. Features may vary according to your budget. Here you’ll find drones from higher range to mid range to low range.