MOTO Safety Wired 3G GPS Tracking Device Review

Want to own a GPS device which, in addition to tracking your vehicle, gives periodic maintenance reports and also send alerts on how good (or bad) your driving is?

Yes, the Moto Safety Wired 3G GPS Tracking device does all that, and much more.

MOTOSafety Wired 3G GPS Tracking Device

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Starting from how easy it is to install this device, and the MOTO safety is a cinch to install. All you have to do to install it is to just find an empty space beneath your car’s dashboard – before attaching the device to it to get it up and running.

Once installed, MOTO safety gives you the option to receive alerts on speeding, harsh braking or rapid acceleration. Unfortunately, since it doesn’t come with a smartphone app, you’d have to log on to MOTO Safety’s website to activate these features.

More importantly, if you have a child who has recently learned driving, you could use the MOTO Safety’s web-based interface to check whether or not they are driving safe.

What’s more, at the end of each driving session, the tracking device issues a report card on its website to tell you how good (or bad) the driving was. In this way, you could check anybody’s driving to gauge whether or not they drive carefully behind the wheel.

Also, if you think a certain area is off limits for your teenager or driver, you could activate the ‘’Geofencing” feature of this device. The moment the car enters into that area which you have marked, you’d receive not only an email but also a text message on your smartphone. Consequently, you could make sure your car is safe all the time.

Finally, unlike cheap insurance companies, MOTO Safety doesn’t charge its users activation or cancellation fees. Instead, its tracking service price of $19.99 is all that you need to pay. And if you think that the tracking isn’t worth it, you could just cancel your subscription without any cancellation fee.

User Critique

Many of the users complain that the speed limits are wrong on the website. For instance, if you are driving down the street, it might display the speed limit of the main boulevard, before sending unnecessary alerts.


  • Accurate tracking
  • Has Geofencing
  • Sends Driving and Vehicle Maintenance Reports
  • No activation or cancellation fee


  • Speed limits are wrong intermittently

Our Verdict

Whether you have a driver who you think isn’t playing by the book – or a teenager whom you don’t trust behind the wheel, the MOTO Safety would give you plenty of information to check whether or not your doubts are right, while also tracking your vehicle to the hilt.