5 Best Android Apps to Listen Music Offline

If you like listening to music on the go but have no data connection on your phone then offline apps are your best bet!  We have listed top 5 Android music apps which will give you access to music without Wi-Fi and data connection. Although there are many free apps available, these apps have made it to our hit list because of their spectacular features. All these apps can be downloaded for free but they have additional features which can be acquired for extra charges.

Top 5 Offline Music Apps

1. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a pre-installed application in Android Versions 4.4 and higher. Those using versions below 4.4 can download it from the Google Play Store. This app is capable of playing music offline and it allows you to store music by accessing your Google account. The app is user friendly and works smoothly. Comprising of categories such as Artist, Albums, traditional Playlist and Songs, Google Play Music has widgets that will allow you to display the app on Home Screen.

Download Google Play Music from Google Play

2. iHeartRadio


iHeartRadio is a free Android Radio App that has over 850 radio stations and can work online as well as offline. It also comprises of AM and FM and covers a variety of music including rap, jazz and country. iHeartRadio streams music but you can also download music on it. The offline feature is paid but it can be considered since it comes ad free and allows unlimited usage. This app also plays seasonal music on Christmas etc.

Download iHeartRadio from Google Play

3. Spotify


Spotify is yet another spectacular app that does not need Wi-Fi or internet. It consists of over a whopping 50 million tracks from some legendary music artists and rising talent. Spotify is a streaming music app but if you buy the pro version of the app you can download songs to listen offline.

Download Spotify from Google Play

4. Pandora

One of the most famous music streaming apps on the internet, Pandora has a substantial list of music tracks. Easily navigable, this music app also offers additional features like alarm clock which will allow you to wake up to your favourite music. The app constantly updates its collection with latest music. You can also search for a particular artist or song, and it will direct you to a radio station with music of that genre.

Download Pandora from Google Play

5. SoundCloud


If you are looking for a humongous collection of music, this app is the one for you. The best part of the app is that lets you upload your own tracks as well. This apps is a perfect amalgamation of streaming music and social media. SoundCloud allows you to browse for old as well as new music. To use this, simply log in and follow your favourite songs. You can also comment on certain songs and interact with artists and know about their favourite music. Since anyone can upload their music on SoundCloud, budding artists are also easy to find here.

Download SoundCloud from Google Play