7 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

Default keyboards on most Android phones are decent options. However, if you are the kinds who uses their phones for heavy texting, then using the conventional keyboard can be quite tiring. There are a variety of third party keyboard apps which are loaded with features such as auto correct, voice typing and tracing features available which will help you in writing in a better way.

Choose your keyboard

The Google play store has numerous third party applications available. Only a few of them come with good features and are worth downloading. It is therefore important that you spend a good amount of time going through their features. We have listed some of the best keyboard apps below:-

Best Keyboard Apps for Android

1. SwiftKey

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is one of the highest ranking Keyboard apps on Google Play Store. It has a huge fan base and it offers features like suggestive typing, predictive emoji and a good accuracy rate. You can transition easily between languages which is a plus for bilingual people.

Download SwiftKey from Google Play

2. Gboard – the Google Keyboard


Built by Google, this is one of the best Android keyboard apps. The best part about this app is that you can be rest assured about its quality. This keyboard is multilingual and offers an array of dictionaries.

Download Google Keyboard from Google Play

3. Fleksy


Fleksy offers an extremely strong autocorrect software which is the best among many apps. Fleksy also offers an extension bar in the upper portion of the keyboard. Extra features of this app can be customized and they include GIF search and clipboard controls. Fleksy is not only free, it also offers free themes as well. You can purchase a few additional features for $0.99.

Download Fleksy from Google Play

4. Facemoji Keyboard

Facemoji Keyboard

Facemoji Keyboard is an emoji-centric android keyboard. It also offers thousands of emoji, emoticons, GIFs and stickers that helps you to spice up chat in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and other chatting apps.

Download Facemoji Keyboard from Google Play

5. Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard is a lightweight keyboard that changes its color theme to the app you are using. It is powered by a smart artificial intelligence that provides you a better contextual prediction. It provides high level of customization allowing you to personalize keyboard themes, font styles, emoji styles, keyboard size and more depending on your taste and style.

Download Chrooma Keyboard from Google Play

6. Hacker’s Keyboard

Hacker's Keyboard

Hacker’s Keyboard brings the key layout of your computer to your Android phone. It has separate number keys, letter keys, punctuation and arrow keys as that of your computer keyboard. Hacker’s Keyboard makes working with Tab/Ctrl/ESC keys convenient especially if you use ConnectBot for SSH access.

Download Hacker’s Keyboard from Google Play

7. LED RGB Mechanical Keyboard

LED RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Are you bored of your default keyboard? Try the LED keyboard. This keyboard turns your boring keyboard into a colorful one with its various custom themes and skins. It also comes with tons of emojis and stickers to make your conversation livelier and fun.

Download LED RGB Mechanical Keyboard from Google Play

How to change Default keyboard in Android

Once you have selected the keyboard you wish to use, you can download it in a few simple steps which are follows:-

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store
  • Go into your Android Phone’ and tap on Settings> Language and Input> Keyboard and Input Method> Current Keyboard
  • Change keyboard window pop ups and lists all the keyboards installed.
  • Select a keyboard of your choice!

You will also receive a warning that the keyboard might store all information that you type. In this case, it is advisable that you read about the information the keyboard accumulates. Click on Ok if you wish to proceed.

The next step involves you to open the keyboard app to complete set up. If your keyboard app is Swiftkey, you will have to select it within the app. Sign in to Swiftkey and receive feature such as themes and sync features. A majority of keyboards also offer access to languages other than English.