Top 10 Best Adult Emoji Apps for Android and iOS

In the world of digital communication, emojis have become the ultimate tool for expressing emotions that words simply can’t capture. As adults, we sometimes find that the usual array of emojis doesn’t quite capture our sentiments.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 adult only emoji apps for Android and iOS. These apps, featuring a diverse range of unique and expressive emojis, will spice up your chats and make them more lively and personal.

1. Adult Emoji for Lovers 17+ (iOS)

Adult Emoji for Lovers

The Adult Emoji for Lovers 17+ app (iOS) is a treasure trove of adult emojis, perfect for couples seeking to add a spicy twist to their chats. With over 882 emojis spread across 10 galleries, it offers a variety of animated, flirty, romantic, and provocative emojis. The app also features a handy favorites gallery for your most-used emojis.

2. Emojily (iOS)


Emojily is all about customization. With its vast array of design elements, you can create emojis that truly represent your emotions. Emojily offers a rich palette of colors, shapes, and accessories, making it an art studio for your emoji creation. You’ll have a blast with the endless possibilities!

3. Adult Emojis (Android | iOS)

Adult Emojis

This app caters to those who seek to add a little spice to their messages. With hundreds of flirty and dirty emojis to choose from, Adult Emoji Icons certainly doesn’t shy away from expressing all kinds of adult sentiments. It’s playful, it’s fun, and it’s definitely not for kids!

4. Flirty Emoji (Android | iOS)

Flirty Emoji

Flirty Emoji boasts a collection of sexy, romantic, and flirtatious emojis. It’s perfect for those intimate conversations with your significant other, adding a pinch of passion and a dash of desire to your messages. Let your texts do the talking with Flirty Emoji!

5. Elite Emoji (Android | iOS)

Elite Emoji

Elite Emoji is more than just an emoji app – it’s a platform that offers an impressive collection of stickers and GIFs as well. It’s perfect for those times when an emoji just isn’t enough. With Elite Emoji, your messages will be as dynamic and expressive as you are.

6. Bitmoji (Android | iOS)


Bitmoji allows you to create a personalized emoji that looks just like you! You can dress your avatar, choose its facial expressions, and even put it in different scenarios. With Bitmoji, you’re not just sending an emoji, you’re sending a mini-you into your chats. Embrace your playful side with this creative app.

7. Emoji Keyboard (Android)

Emoji Keyboard

Emoji Keyboard is all about organization and ease of access. It allows you to arrange your favorite emojis into collections, so you can find the perfect expression in a snap. With an added keyboard feature, Emoji Keyboard makes integrating emojis into your chats a breeze.

8. Kika Keyboard (Android)

Kika Keyboard

Kika Keyboard is a powerhouse of emojis, emoticons, and GIFs. It’s not just a tool for enhancing your texts, it’s an upgrade to your entire typing experience. With Kika Keyboard, you won’t just write messages, you’ll design them.

9. Dirty Emoji (Android | iOS)

Dirty Emoji

As the name suggests, this app is home to a wide array of adult emojis and dirty emoticons. It’s great for those moments when you want to inject a little humor or naughty fun into your messages. Don’t hold back; let your messages run wild with this app!

10. Mirror AI (Android | iOS)

Mirror AI

Mirror AI takes personalization to a new level. It uses artificial intelligence to create emojis that look just like you, based on your selfies. This app isn’t just about emojis, it’s about self-expression at its finest. Show off your unique style with Mirror AI.


Words can sometimes fall short. Emojis are the perfect solution, allowing us to express our feelings with clarity and creativity. The apps listed above offer a range of unique emojis designed specifically for adults, providing a fun, expressive, and unique way to enhance your digital interactions. So, why not give them a try and see your chats come alive in a whole new way?