15 Must-Have Apps for Engineering Students (2023)

Engineering is no easy feat. It’s a field that demands precision, problem-solving skills, and a knack for seeing the bigger picture. Thankfully, in this digital age, there are a plethora of apps designed to make the lives of engineering students a tad easier. From powerful calculators to advanced design tools, these apps are revolutionizing the way we approach engineering problems. Let’s dive into 15 essential apps that every engineering student should have on their radar.

1. WolframAlpha (Android | iOS)


WolframAlpha is an indispensable tool for any engineering student. This computational powerhouse can solve equations, plot graphs, and much more. It’s like having a genius in your pocket ready to tackle complex mathematical problems with ease.

2. Mechanical Engineering One (Android)

Mechanical Engineering One

Mechanical Engineering One is a godsend for mechanical engineering students. It provides an array of formulas, descriptions, and conversion tools that are key to the field. It’s your one-stop shop for mechanical engineering essentials.

3. TurboViewer ( iOS)


TurboViewer is a lightning-fast 2D and 3D drawing viewer that brings your designs to life. It supports multiple file formats and offers impressive viewing capabilities. This app turns your smartphone into a portable design studio.

4. Engineering Unit Converter (Android | iOS)

Engineering Unit Converter

The Engineering Unit Converter is a comprehensive unit conversion tool specifically designed for engineers. It supports a wide range of units and is easy to use. Never again will unit conversion be a hassle.

5. RealCalc Scientific Calculator (Android)

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc Scientific Calculator is an Android app that brings the functionality of a high-quality scientific calculator to your phone. It’s perfect for engineering students needing to solve complex calculations on the go.

6. Simurelay (Android | iOS)


Simurelay is a relay logic simulator that provides a sandbox for you to design and simulate relay logic circuits. This app is a practical tool for electrical engineering students to learn and understand relay logic systems.

7. AutoCAD (Android | iOS)


AutoCAD is a professional-grade design and drafting app. It allows you to create precise 2D and 3D drawings, making it a must-have for engineering students. AutoCAD turns your mobile device into a robust design workstation.

8. iEngineer (iOS)


iEngineer is an iOS app that provides a comprehensive database of screw and bolt information. It’s a handy resource for engineering students who need quick access to dimensions, strengths, and other essential data.

9. BeamDesign (Android)


BeamDesign is an intuitive tool for students studying civil or structural engineering. It allows you to design and calculate beam strengths, streamlining the process of structural analysis and design.

You can also customize materials and sections, manage load cases and combinations with safety factors, and review detailed outputs including moment, shear, stress, deflection, reaction forces, and unity checks.

10. PICmicro Database (Android)

PICmicro Database

PICmicro Database is a helpful tool for electronic engineering students. It offers a detailed database of Microchip’s PIC microcontrollers, allowing you to easily find specific information about different microcontroller models.

11. Electrical Engineering Manual (Android)

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Manual is a compact Android app that provides a comprehensive list of electrical engineering topics. It’s perfect for studying on the go and clarifying concepts that you’re struggling with.

12. Learn Software Engineering (Android)

Learn Software Engineering

Learn Software Engineering is a comprehensive guide for students interested in the software side of engineering. It offers an easy-to-follow curriculum that will help you grasp the basics of software engineering.

13. Formulia (Android | iOS)


Formulia is an essential app for any engineering student. It offers a comprehensive selection of formulas, equations, and references for various fields of engineering. It’s like having a cheat sheet in your pocket.

14. Chemical Engineering (Android | iOS)

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering app is a handy tool for chemical engineering students. It provides a variety of utilities, calculators, and information related to chemical engineering. With this app, complex chemical calculations become a cinch.

15. Aerospace Engineering 101 (Android | iOS)

Aerospace Engineering 101

Aerospace Engineering 101 is the perfect companion for students studying aerospace engineering. It offers a wealth of information about the field, including lessons, formulas, and a glossary of terms.


Engineering is a challenging field, but with the right tools, it becomes significantly more manageable. These 15 apps are designed to simplify the complex world of engineering, providing easy access to formulas, unit conversions, design tools, and much more. So go ahead and download these apps. They’ll not only make your life as an engineering student easier, but they’ll also increase your productivity and effectiveness.