10 Must-have Apps for Samsung Galaxy S22

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is a great upgrade from its previous models. With its powerful hardware and advanced features, it’s the perfect device for users who want to stay connected and productive on the go.

To help you get the most out of your Galaxy S22, we’ve put together a list of 10 must-have apps that will enhance your experience and make your life easier.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at 10 great apps for Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

10 Must-have Apps for Samsung Galaxy S22

1. Simpan


Simpan is a recently launched app that is effective in note-taking. It is perfectly suited for Samsung Galaxy S22 users. Using it, you can easily jot down your notes, music compositions, and hot recipes.

On its security, the app has both password and fingerprint features. This makes it well suited for you to store your secrets. It is also easy to import your notes from the app to an SD card hence creating safe backup storage.


2. Zoom Cloud Meetings


With the onset of the pandemic, people have settled on having virtual meetings. If work remotely, you should consider installing Zoom Cloud Meetings. The app fully supports HD and can host up to 100 members with no interruption.

With the app, work teams across the globe can create and send invitation links with no limitations. It has also gained widespread use in school programs that have online classes. It is easy to use as zoom members do not require a login ID to join a call.


3. Scanner App to PDF


Documents are mainly shared in PDF format especially at workplaces. With the app, you will easily write a note or create files then scan. The app will then save it as a PDF file for you to share.

This app is well suited for Samsung Galaxy S22 series as an alternative to CamScanner. Even better, you can easily make PNG files and share them with friends on social media platforms. Please note that the app is free in the store and is acceptable in all countries.


4. Glitch Lab


The glitch lab is a good photo editor especially if you love posting photos on Instagram. The app has over a hundred digital glitch effects for you to explore. Its superior features include color, art filters, pixel sorting, and streaking.

Using the app, you can make your photos look glitchy or retro depending on your preference. There are also other versatile looks that you can choose to tweak your photos like a pro. In creating videos, the app has a strong animation module that will assist you in creating attractive and clean videos.


5. Samsung Health App


For those who care about their health and wellness, the Samsung Health app is a must-have. Using the app you can easily plan, track, and record a healthy lifestyle. The app will also allow you to add your areas of focus such as daily steps, body weight, and workout time.

The app is most preferred in tracking different fitness exercises such as running, swimming, jumping rope among others. You will also have access to videos of expert fitness coaches giving advice on health. Notably, with the Galaxy Watch, you will monitor your sleep patterns with ease.


6. Notepin


Notepin is an essential app for setting up reminders. This is a must-have since we are all faced with competing tasks that need completion in a limited time.

Notepin has a notification bar where you can pin all your important notes. Whenever you pull down your notification bar, you will get a reminder of the waiting tasks. Based on priority, you can also customize your notes on the notification bar.


7. Signal Private Messenger


For anyone who wants to secure their communication, Signal Private Messenger is for you. This app’s privacy technology is enabled all the time through end-to-end encryption. You are then left to connect with the people you love through instant communications.

It is an incredible app that millions of people across the globe are using. The app is optimized to enable you to reach your friends even in the most network-constrained areas. Even more interesting the app is supported by people like you, thus no ads and trackers.


8. Typewise Custom Keyboard


If you want to type like a pro then Typewise Custom Keyboard is a must-have. When you are typing a message the app will correctly predict your words. With the app, you get large keys and lots of actions that you can customize through a swipe.

You can use a swipe to delete, open emojis, capitalize, and many more actions. Using the app you are guaranteed that your data will remain safe it does not allow permissions. The app will also assist you in reducing typos, increasing your typing speed, and customizing your keyboard.


9. AIO Launcher


This AIO Launcher app is such a great productivity hack for you to explore. The launcher is beyond your ordinary home screen as it uses a screen space to display all the essential information. The wide range of information includes weather, dialer, timer, contacts, notes, messages, calendar, and many others.

The app has multiple themes and icon shapes for you to easily customize your screen space. Using the app you can rename the displayed applications, and even change font sizes to your liking. The app will also enhance your search for apps on the internet.


10. SMS Organizer


SMS organizer will automatically organize your inbox with a focus on making it clutter-free. The app will put the incoming texts in various categories for ease of access. For example, promotional texts and bank transaction texts go to different categories.

The app ensures that you do not miss out on an important personal message as it has a personal tab. The app will also assist you in setting up reminders and keeping up with your expenses. Importantly, the app maintains the privacy of your information as it does not share on other online platforms.