10 Awesome Apps for iPhone 13

Since the launch of the iPhone 13 series, the sales have been impressive. This is largely attributable to the enhanced chipset and displays making it a powerhouse in productivity and gaming. If you pair these with a great choice of apps available in the App Store, you are guaranteed to have the dream smartphone.

We have collected a list of 10 awesome apps you can install on your iPhone 13 Series. Ready? Let us get started.

10 Awesome Apps for iPhone 13

1. Halide Mark II

Halide Mark II

For you to get intriguing and thoughtful photography, this is a must-have camera app. When you want to capture a well-planned photo, this is the camera app to use as it has high-end features and the controls associated with professional cameras. Notably, it has an extended dynamic range of 14-bit RAW, histograms, adaptive level grid, waveform monitor, color zebras, focus peak among other superior features.

Halide provides you with both manual and automatic shooting with only a swipe. Thankfully, the app comes with a 10-day course that will give a step-by-step guide on the use of the app. This then leaves you with no choice but to get the app for a great photography experience.


2. OmniFocus 3

OmniFocus 3

You know how chaotic getting productive can be, especially when you have competing interests to address. Some good news is that the OmniFocus app is a lifesaver as it gives a simple and manageable to-do list. The app integrates well with both iOS and macOS to ensure that you never miss out on an important notification.

Essentially it acts as your second brain since it organizes all your activities in a manner that makes it easy for you to attain optimal production. The app will highlight projects and their due dates in a powerful manner. Also, it focuses on what is coming up thereby encouraging you to put your attention on what matters most.


3. Fantastical


For enhanced planning, you need a good calendar for your iPhone 13, and to get this look no further than Fantastical. The app has 8 distinct viewpoints when you open in your iPhone 13 that appear either on full screen or in a list format. The app also has light and dark modes that enable you to customize to your liking.

A unique feature of the app is that it allows an automated transfer from one calendar to another depending on your location. Once you get to your place of work, it opens the work set and once you leave it gets back to your personal set. Overall, both in your personal and professional life, fantastical will make it easy for you to efficiently run your schedules.


4. Snapseed


To test your creativity, you might appreciate a good photo editing app like Snapseed. It has a wide range of tools and presets that you can use to alter images to your liking. You can change aspects of a photo such as brightness, curves, shadows, saturation, and much more.

It is essentially preferred as it has high-end features that make even non-professionals tweak photos like pros. It also comes in handy for professionals when it comes to editing raw files and JPGs. With Snapseed you are assured of spicing up your gallery and Instagram feed.


5. 75 Hard

75 Hard

Given that we all face challenges in life; we ought to find ways of cultivating mental toughness and wellness. 75 Hard fits perfectly as a fitness app that will certainly enhance how you think and handles circumstances. The app has a 75-day program that is grueling and as many would say not for the faint-hearted. The program provides stringent rules to follow including diet, how much water to take in a day, workouts per day, and a reading assignment.

The app helps its user to follow the rules in the program through its reminders which are pre-populated the moment you install it. With this app, be sure to turn around your life for the best.


6. Spotify


It goes without saying that a good phone should enable the user to stream all genres of music. Spotify is the ultimate app for you as it has millions of users and will give you access to over 70 million songs from all the artists you can imagine. To spruce it up, the app will help you in track selection based on your previous listening experience.

You can sample a free account as it will give you access to playlists, shuffle, and play podcasts. Notably, with a premium account, you will avoid ads, listen to any track, and play songs offline.


7. Among Us

Among Us!

You are not always at work, during your downtime a multiplayer game is much appreciated. Among Us is a multiplayer game that quickly became a favorite among many iPhone 13 users especially during the pandemic. The app has an exciting asymmetrical multiplayer platform that is easy to navigate.

It is straightforward- knowing that you are part of a group and only need to pick out the imposter. With the app, you are assured of sharpening your deductive reasoning skills.


8. Wurdweb


Is it good to challenge ourselves to do different things? This is exactly what puzzles enable us to achieve. Wurdweb is a great app, especially for puzzle lovers. The app is powered by an intelligent algorithm that guarantees you unlimited puzzles. All you are expected to do is pick words from a list and lay them in a board that already has other words thus forming an interconnected web as the case with scrabble.

The choice is yours, either to pick the minimum number of words or pick as many as possible to create a sophisticated web. With this adventure, you will be set on a path to learning new words and even enhancing your vocabulary.


9. Spark Mail

Spark Mail

With this app, you are assured of having the best email experience. The app will help you bid farewell to crowded inboxes as it enables you to quickly spot important emails as it classifies all the incoming mails into personal, notifications, and newsletters.

It also enables the user to have private discussions on specific threads with other teammates. Another exciting feature is that of the shared inbox, a key feature for teams. The app’s dark mode is a lifesaver especially for those who find themselves working at night. Also, it makes the battery last longer.


10. Netflix


To keep up with movies, documentaries, series, and TV shows that are talk of the town, then Netflix app is a must-have. With the app, you are sure to watch your favorite shows while on the move.

The app allows you to create up to five profiles that can give personalized experiences to different members of your family. Netflix is also great at giving a safe watching experience for kids since it offers family-friendly entertainment. Even better, the more you watch the more you get recommendations on other shows you will enjoy.