Top Common iOS 11 Problems and Solutions

It is a plain truth that the new features recently introduced by Apple, in iOS 11, is so amazing and quite fascinating. In fact installing this iOS 11 Beta on your iPhone in a bid to explore its feature is very simple, and you don’t have to be a software developer before you can perfectly do it. But, ever since the emergence of this iOS11, personal experience, and interviews have shown over and over again that, people who manage to successfully install it, are in one way or the other having some challenges.

Probably you’ve just installed the latest iOS 11 just because you want to enjoy the latest feature but, instead of you having full satisfaction, some challenges are competing with the satisfaction.

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can effectively deal with these common problems you might be experiencing, after successful installation.

1. Problem one: iOS 11 Bluetooth

Everybody knows the importance of Bluetooth in iOS devices, benefits such as ability to connect to your cars, Home kits and lots more. Immediately you discover, all these are nothing but what you can no longer practice, solutions in the settings on your iPhone.

This is what you will do;

Step 1:  Forget the device you can’t connect to;

  • Tap “Setting” > “Bluetooth”, forget the device you find difficult to connect to;

Step 2: Reset settings on your device;

  • Select “Settings” on your device > “General” > Reset
  • Reset All Settings”
  • Connect to the device again.

2. Problem two: iOS 11 Wi-Fi

This issue happens to be one of the trending problems iPhone users are facing. It is quite pathetic to say, this device is finding it difficult to instantly connect to Wi-Fi with its amazing browsing features.

Give the following steps a try, to restore your Wi-Fi connection.

A number of things not from the phone could have caused this problem. For you to be sure where the problem is emanating from, do a simple test;

  • Check if there is service in your current location,
  • Check if the problem is from internet service provider.

After this, follow the following steps;

  • Forget the Wi-Fi you are trying to connect to
  • Tap on “Airplane Mode” like 8 times
  • Reset your network settings, “Settings” > “General” > Reset > “Reset network settings
  • Switch off your iphone and turn it on after some minutes

3. Problem three: iOS App problem

Many iPhone users, who have successfully installed iOS 11, do complain about their inability to download from Apple Store, upgrade their current apps and many more. Though, it can be triggered up by error in internet connection but, in case you are quite sure the problem is not internet connection, then you need to give the following steps a try;

  • Go to “Setting” on your device
  • Tap “iTunes and App store”
  • Tap “Apple 10” and sign out
  • Put off your device, wait for some minutes, put it on again and sign into your Apple 10

If the problem still persists, then you need to reset your device

  • Select “Settings” > “General” > “Reset”
  • Select “Erase all contents and settings”

These are the possible solutions to the 3 common problems of iOS 11 users are currently facing. Follow the above steps to get your device working efficiently without any headache.