Top 7 Christmas Apps for Android & iOS

Christmas is around the corner and you may want to enjoy this holiday season more than any day of the year. With your smartphones, you can now have access to multiple apps that can help you celebrate Christmas in a more creative and fun way.

Spend quality time with your friends and loved ones using our best Christmas apps. Here’s the list of best Christmas apps for Android and iOS. Check them out!

Best Christmas Apps for iOS and Android

1. Christmas Live Wallpaper (Android)

This app is applicable for Android users. It offers a 3D effect of a Christmas tree that comes with a Christmas countdown.

You can choose from a variety of holiday scenes like dazzling lanterns, wonderful snow, and colorful Christmas Trees. This app is free to download at the Android Play Store.

2. Where’s Santa (iOS)

If your kids love Santa Claus, then Where’s Santa app for iOS devices is the best Christmas app for them. The app allows users to follow Santa whenever he travels the world to give presents.

Santa leaves a message right after giving gifts. This will be your clue on where to find him next. This app is absolutely fun and exciting not just for kids but also for adults who love to enjoy spending play time with their young ones.

3. Christmas Radio (Android, iOS)

Christmas season without any wonderful Christmas songs won’t be fun at all! One of the best Christmas apps on our list is the Christmas Radio.

With over 80 unique stations, you can listen to a wide variety of Christmas songs all throughout the holiday season. Music stations like Christmas Lounge and Christmas Country are some of the most popular these days. Moreover, there’s also North Pole Radio, which broadcasts directly from the North Pole. This app is free for Android and iOS devices.

4. Red Stamp (iOS, Android)

If you’re thinking of a creative way to send Christmas greetings to your friends or loved ones who live in another country then try Red Stamp. This is one of the best Christmas apps for making customized greeting cards.

You can now make your own Christmas card greetings with your smartphone with Red Stamp app. This app has a lot of amazing templates that you can tweak to add your own images or texts. Moreover, the app allows you to share, download, or email the card to your friends or family. This app is free for Android and iOS devices.

5. Christmas Dinner Recipes (Android)

Having a great meal with your loved ones is a perfect way to celebrating Christmas day. If you’re looking for a list of great recipes, then try Christmas Dinner Recipes, a free app for Android users.

This app offers many Christmas recipes that you can try cooking on Christmas day. You can try cooking a turkey with roasted potatoes or bake some Christmas puddings. The app has everything you need from ingredients to procedures that you can use to create scrumptious Christmas meals.

6. Christmas Photo Effects (iOS)

Capturing happy moments during the Christmas Holiday is important to everyone. With Christmas Photo Effects, you can add decorations and themes to make your Photos more pleasing.

Christmas Photo Effects has a wide selection of frames, filters, and effects that can transform the looks of your photos. You can design images to your preference. In addition, the app lets you share the enhanced photos to social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.

7. Giftster (iOS, Android)

Giftster is a perfect app to help you get an idea of what to give to your family members or friends this Christmas. This app is available for both Android and iOS users.

If your loved ones have wish lists for Christmas, Giftster is one of the best Christmas apps for wish list registry. With this app, you can connect your friends and family members with their wish lists by just registering through the app. It will allow you to learn what they want for Christmas. Moreover, you can use the app for different occasions like Birthdays or Anniversaries.