Top 5 Email Clients for Mac

Mac comes with a built-in email client and many people feel satisfied with the built-in app. That is not my case. When I purchased my first Mac, I was not satisfied with MacOS Mail. For this reason, I searched for a better email client. And, of course, I wanted it to be free. Here are 5 best free email clients for Mac.

Top 5 Email Clients for Mac

5. Mozilla Thunderbird

This one is also available for Windows and Linux. I used to use it when I was an Ubuntu user. Although it does not receive upgrades anymore, it does receive security updates. If you have ever used Mozilla Firefox, you may know the Mozilla at the beginning of the name means high quality. Mozilla Thunderbird is a very good email client and I would recommend you. This email client is very functional and secure. When using Mozilla Thunderbird, you can filter your emails, for example. On the other hand, there are better options out there, of course.

4. Nylas

This one is aimed at professional email users. It has a lot of functionalities that every user would like to have, but, unfortunately, you have to pay to have them. Many of the functionalities are available in the pro edition only. For example, mail merge, reminders and the options to schedule mail. With the free version, the user has a very clean app that offers link and open tracking, which I think are very important, reply templates, and undo send.

3. Opera Mail

Opera also has an email client. It integrates RSS feeds with a very flexible interface. Some users state the app lacks power. They also say this app does not have support for encrypted email, which is very unfortunate. This app also has other features. For example: according to Heinz Tschabitscher, it has tab cycling, visual bookmarks, free VPN, and customizable shortcuts. And it also offers a ton of extensions to be customized.

2. Canary Mail

This one is almost perfect. It is, in fact, the most secure software of this list. For example, it has an encryption function that guarantees no one will read your emails besides you. It also offers other features such as the option to easily find the email and saving the searches to re-use them later on. It also has the option of tracking your emails and blocking others who track you.

1. Polymail

This is, in fact, the best email client you can find for Mac. This is the one I use and I really enjoy it. It has everything the other clients in this list offer you. The free version offers the possibility of postponing emails and also of tracking them. Furthermore, the free version offers calendar scheduling, undo send, and read later. The paid version is even better and offers message templates, for example.

A Wide Range of Options of Email Clients

Those who say Mac does not have many options of email clients are wrong. As you can see, Mac offers you many email clients you can choose to satisfy your requirements. In my opinion, Polymail is the best one you can choose on Mac and it will offer you the best features. Also, it is worth trying.