Top 10 Best Voice Changer Apps

Ever wondered how you’ll sound like a robot, a particular celebrity, or the opposite sex? If you want to have such fun, just download a voice changer app. There are so many of them on Google Play and App Store. Interestingly, a good number of these applications are free. Do you have an iPhone or Android device? Pick it up and download any of these best voice changer apps:

1. Snapchat (Android | iOS)


Everyone with a smartphone has come across Snapchat at some point, but note many of them use it. Well, this social app doesn’t just make funny images but can also create funny voices that you can use to prank your friends on social media. It allows you to change into a given character and speak like it.

Key features

  • Video chat
  • Fun expression effects
  • Snap map
  • Free cloud storage
  • Friendship profiles
  • Breaking news and stories

2. MagicCall (Android | iOS)


If you are looking to magically change your voice while on call, MagicCall can do the job correctly for you. The free app allows you to make funny calls to family and friends. You can use it to sound like Donald Trump, Barrack Obama, Kate Perry, or any other celebrity that you prefer. MagicCall allows you to modify your background to look like you are calling from a specific place.

Key features

  • Celebrity voices
  • Male-female voices
  • Real background sounds
  • Auto-recording

3. Master Voice Changer (iOS)

Master Voice Changer

Are you looking for an app that not only serves as a voice changer but also as an audio recorder, the Master Voice Changer is an excellent pick? The app modifies your audio instantly and allows you to add fun special effects. It is an excellent option for pranking friends and family.

Key features

  • Freedom to record your voice however you want
  • Amazing sounds
  • Share modified audio
  • Manually adjust pitch and speech speed

4. Call Voice Changer (Android | iOS)

Call Voice Changer

If all you want is to prank friends and family through voice calls, you can do it seamlessly using Call Voice Changer. The mobile app enjoys 1 million+ downloads, and so its influence online is unquestionable. It allows you to change your voice in real-time when making calls. The app enjoys a free trial.

Key features

  • Real-time audio effects
  • Funny sounds
  • Free minutes for new users
  • Greetings in multi-languages

5. RoboVox Voice Changer (Android | iOS)


Consider changing your voice into that of a robot, a chipmunk, or any scary creature of your choosing with RoboVox Voice Changer. The app comes with a free version, and it allows you to record audio in addition to changing voices. Upon making your recordings, you can share them via email or SoundCloud.

Key features

  • Set as ringtone
  • 32 voice effects
  • Real-time mode
  • Voice recording
  • Pitch modification and modulation

6. Celebrity Voice Changer (Android | iOS)

Celebrity Voice Changer

We all have a celebrity that we admire. How about the opportunity to sound like them? Celebrity Voice Changer gives you the power to do so. From a renowned politician to a notorious song star, you can copy their voices effortlessly. You just need to connect to the internet, open the app, and speak to it, and the app will do the conversion.

Key features

  • Video voice modifications
  • Instant voice change
  • Tap and speak function
  • Celebrity voice requests

7. VoiceFX (Android)

VoiceFX Voice Changer

VoiceFX serves both as a voice changer and an audio recorder. You can use it to modify your voice to sound like the opposite gender, a kid, a drunk, an alien, a robot, just to name a few. You can even stream live using the application. VoiceFX comes with amazing audio effects to make it easy to assume whatever voice you like.

Key features

  • Voice recording
  • Voice changer
  • Set as ringtone
  • Live stream

8. Voice Changer (Android)

Voice Changer

If you are looking to apply funny effects to audio files and use them to joke with friends and family, Voice Changer can help you with that. Whenever you are bored or just in a bad mood, this app can help you create hilarious voices that will tickle you all day. It also works as an audio recorder.

Key features

  • Audio recording
  • Audio special effects
  • Audio editing
  • Audio sharing

9. Live Voice Changer (Android)

Live Voice Changer

Live Voice Changer is what it is – an application that modifies your voice in real-time. It changes your voice instantaneously as you speak. You can say what you want and decide how you would want to sound, and the app will do the magic. Live Voice Changer enjoys a simple interface and promises amazing vocal effects.

Key features

  • Fantastic audio editor
  • Voice and sound recording
  • Fun audio filters
  • Share via messages or social media

10. Funcall (Android | iOS)

Funcalls Voice Changer

Like most apps on our list, Funcall serves as a voice changer and an audio recorder. Simply, you can use it to record calls and change your voice when making them. You can modify your voice to sound as comical or scary as you want when calling. Additionally, you can share the recordings online.

Key features

  • Call recording, downloading and sharing
  • Play funny recordings
  • A variety of sound effects
  • Demo call