Review: Xnspy monitoring app for Android/iOS

With the whole world within the hands, smartphones have made our lives easier. But along with the benefits, it can also have many drawbacks. Parents don’t want to leave their kids with phones or tablets unsupervised. Most of them are concerned about the age-inappropriate content that their kids can effortlessly encounter. Identity theft, cyberbullying, and other cybercrimes give the parents more reasons to use monitoring apps to track their kids’ online activities.

On the other hand, employers use monitoring apps like Xnspy to monitor their employees. It is useful in both office and remote workplaces. Different monitoring apps serve these purposes.


XNSPY is a monitoring app that will cater to all your monitoring needs with an advanced set of features. It offers a wide array of exceptional features that helps you track online and offline activities on a smartphone. So if you are a concerned parent or a worried employer, XNSPY will effectively help you clear your doubts. With its successful performance and affordable pricing, XNSPY has made its way to the top three monitoring apps. It has an exceptional reputation in the market as well.

Offered Features

The first thing that many of us go for is the offered features of an app. Most people choose the monitoring app because of the functions that it provides. So, it is the powerhouse of any app. it gives the power to the app to operate and function according to the users’ needs. XNSPY offers more than 30 features that can help you monitor whoever you want. Let’s take a look at the important ones.

Phone Log monitoring

XNSPY lets you track all the call data of the targeted phone. You can monitor all the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls from a smartphone. It even lets you check the duration of each call, and you can remotely record a particular voice call as well.

GPS Location tracking

This feature allows you to monitor the GSP location of the targeted phone. Suppose your child is out with someone you don’t know. You can keep an eye on them using this feature. Xnspy provides real-time location of your child any time you want. Another sub-feature that XNSPY provides is the geofencing feature that lets you mark particular locations on the map, and if your child goes in or out of that marked area, the app sends you direct alerts.

Internet activities

With this feature, you can monitor all the activities of your child, employees, or partner on the internet. You can check the browsing history along with the bookmarked pages. You can track the time that they have spent on each website. You can access all the emails and check the webpages that they visited.

Photos or videos

Xnspy monitoring app photo gallery spy

XNSPY lets you have full access to all the multimedia files. You can see all the pictures, videos, and audio files saved on the targeted device. It even lets you monitor the shared content on the messaging apps, too. This feature can let you download the files to your phone as well.

Social media apps and instant messaging apps

The most useful feature for parents is the monitoring of social media and instant messaging apps. Kids spend more than half of their day using these apps. It’s always better to know what they are doing in their virtual life and what they are planning. This feature lets you track all of the social media apps, along with the exchanged messages. You can monitor all of their activities to ensure that they stay safe from any online hazards. These apps include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, and many more.

Remote controls

One of the most beneficial features of XNSPY is its remote controls. It lets you control the targeted device without any physical access. You can set screen limits, view the list of installed apps or even block them, record phone surroundings, or even the lock phone.

Watch lists

According to the XNSPY Reviews, XNSPY has the most useful features to ensure your loved ones’ safety. Watch-list is one of them. It allows you to add any information like locations, words, or contacts to the watch lists. If any activity related to the entered data happens, the apps send you direct alerts. It works for installed applications, phone calls, internet activities, GPS locations, or messages.


XNSPY has the most user-friendly interface. Downloading other spying apps may seem a bit of a challenge, but XNSPY has a simple procedure that you can follow. It starts with choosing a subscription and entering the required details. You will then get your account details at the email address that you have provided. The process might be different for Android and iOS. However, they will send you a step-to-step guide along with other information you need to know about the app.

Xnspy monitoring app subscription plan


XNSPY is one of the most affordable monitoring apps in the market. It offers two subscription packages: Premium and Basic package.

Premium Package:

If you want a monthly package, you will have to pay USD 35.99 each month. If you choose the quarterly, it will effectively reduce the cost to USD 19.99 per month. And for a yearly subscription, you will have to pay USD 7.49 per month.

Basic Package:

The basic packages offer a monthly subscription for USD 29.99. if you want a quarterly subscription, you will be paying USD 13.99 a month, and for a yearly subscription, you will have to pay USD 4.99 each month.

Before choosing the subscription, don’t forget to look at the features each package offers.

XNSPY Basic Package

XNSPY Premium Package

Call HistoryCall History
Read All Incoming and Outgoing SMSCall Recording
WhatsApp Photos
Watch list Contacts
Access Gmail AppRead All Incoming and Outgoing SMS
View All ContactsWatch list Words for SMS
Appointments and Calendar ActivitiesWhatsApp Chats
View list of Installed AppsWhatsApp Calls
Apps BlockingRead All Incoming and Outgoing Message
View All Photos Stored on Device
Record Phone Surroundings
Watch All Videos Stored on DeviceWatch list Email addresses
View BookmarksWatch list Words For Emails
View Internet Browsing History
Access Gmail App
View Location HistoryView All Contacts
Web Based Control PanelAppointments and Calendar Activities
 View list of Installed Apps
 View All Photos Stored on Device
 View Internet Browsing History
 View Location History
 Watch list Places
 Monitor keystrokes
 Remotely Control


Without ensuring their device’s compatibility, no one can buy a monitoring app. But, here’s a good news: XNSPY is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

For Android:

XNSPY works with all Android devices running on version 4.0 to 10.0.

For iOS:

It works with all jailbroken iOS devices running from iOS 6.0 up to iOS 9.0.2. However, Xnspy is compatible with all iOS devices like iPhones and iPads without Jailbreak, running between iOS 6.0 and iOS 14.1.

Pros & Cons

Here are some of the most prominent pros and cons that you should keep in mind before buying it.


  • It’s affordable
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Great features


Some features may require rooting