10 Best Games to Play on Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra

Hidden behind that sleek design the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is an absolute powerhouse that every mobile gaming enthusiast will love.

If you are looking for some of the best games for your all-new Galaxy S23 series phone and you cannot settle for any, here is a quick list of the 10 best games that you can consider installing.

Of course, there are more games, and perhaps the one you will love is not on this list. But the list only serves as a starting point. You can always pick your favorites later.

10 Best Games to Play on Galaxy S23 Series

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1. Shadow Fight 4: Arena


This game is for those who love the thrilling Shadow Fight game series. With a stunning 4.6-star rating on Play Store, Shadow Fight 4: Arena offers stunning graphics and interesting characters.

This 3D combat game is free to play online and you can participate in its many tournaments, independent fights, and 2v2 battles.

You have the option of playing against your friends or you can pick a bot as your assistant.

With easy controls, this multi-player game offers stunning visuals that pop out on the new Galaxy S23 series phones. The game is ad-supported, but if you don’t like them, you will always have the option of in-app purchases.

2. Life is Strange


Boasting over 5 million downloads and nearly 100k reviews, Life is Strange is a beautiful and interactive adventure story game.

The game outcome heavily depends on the decisions you make, but the true catch is that you can time travel and rewind the game to affect the past, present, and future.

The game’s main character is Max Caulfield who discovers her ability to rewind the past but soon realizes that fiddling around with the past can have devastating consequences in the future.

With a beautiful storyline, mind-boggling graphics, and a stunning soundtrack, Life is Strange is a must-have game if you need a break from the usual action and mystery games.

3. Zombie Frontier 4


And who doesn’t like zombies? The quintessential horror movie element now comes to your new Samsung S23 series phone. The Zombie Frontier 4 is the latest sequel of the Zombie Frontier series.

It comes with better and improved graphics along with easy controls. This immersive gameplay will take you on a rollercoaster ride and give you a feeling of being in the middle of a real apocalypse.

If you love first-person shooting games, apocalypse, and zombies, you will fall in love with Zombie Frontier 4.

It is an ad-supported game with in-app purchase options just in case you want to get rid of the ads.

4. Star Wars: Hunters


With over a million downloads on Play Store, this gladiatorial spectacle will blow your mind. This arena combat game allows 4×4 multiplayer battles in The Arena that sits in the galactic depths on the outer rim of planet Vespaara.

It is a post-galactic civil war scene where new heroes combat each other in The Arena while their epic battles are broadcast on the HoloNet.

Don’t expect something feeble here. Every hunter and every warrior comes with a larger-than-life persona that will baffle the unsuspected.

5. Ninja Arashi 2

Ninja _Arashi_2

Everyone loves to play a legendary ninja game and Ninja Arashi 2 fills in the void. This immersive and thrilling game will take Ninja Arashi (you) on an epic and perilous journey of unexpected experiences as you pursue the shadow demon Dosu.

Dosu captured you in a prison that you finally escape and now, you go after him to not only rescue your son but also to unravel Dosu’s plan.

If you love single-player games, Ninja Arashi 2 with in-app purchases is a must-have!

6. Lost Lands 8


If you love games in the hidden objects and adventure genres, Lost Lands 8 will take you back on an epic journey of Susan who is forced to go back to the Lost Lands to save her family after her son Jim accidentally unleashes an ancient curse.

In this epic journey, you will find a way to end the ancient curse with some help from the inhabitants of the Lost Lands.

The graphics of this fantasy world truly comes to life on the new Samsung S23 series phones.

7. Grimvalor


If you love hack & slash role-playing action games, Grimvalor is something you cannot avoid. Embark on an epic journey to the dark fantasy world of the Kingdom of Vallaris where sinister forces await you.

The only way out is way through by grabbing your blade, steeling your temperament, and hacking & slashing enemies through the unforgiving and eerie landscapes and dungeons.

You get to play only the first act for free, but you can unlock the full game with a single purchase.

8. Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited


If drugs, cartels, and strategies pique your interest, Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited is going to keep you hooked.

Aim? Build your empire, gain power, and then, destroy your enemies. Based on a hit Netflix series, Narcos is a captivating strategy game in which you will step into the shoes of a cartel kingpin and make decisions that directly impact your cartel and the laws of the land.

Heads up! You will be in tricky and uncharted waters. So, you better have a good strategy-building ability.

9. Ten Blast


In case you don’t like all the blood, action, and mystery, Ten Blast is a brilliant math-based blasting game that you can play with your entire family.

It is a brand-new puzzle game that will aid you in relaxing your mind while honing your puzzle-solving skills.

While it does help to improve your mental math skills, it also helps to improve your hand-eye coordination. There are in-app purchases in case you want to eliminate the ads.

10. Tiny Room Stories Town Mystery


Ever wanted to play detective? This game fulfills your wish. Explore a small but hauntingly empty Redcliff town to figure out what happened to its inhabitants. You have to find clues, solve puzzles, and unlock doors to proceed with your investigation.

A perfect family-friendly game, Tiny Room Stories Town Mystery is a hodgepodge of classic quests and escape-the-room adventures.

The game is ad-supported, but if you want, you can remove ads with in-app purchases.