How to Take Pictures of Fireworks with Smartphone

If you think that taking photos of Fireworks display is hard, then check out our tips and tricks to capture awesome display of Fireworks with phone.

In this article, we will focus on how to take photos of Fireworks display. Learn our tips below.

Tips to take photos of fireworks display with phone

1. Look for the Best Position

One of the most important things, when you want to take awesome photos of Fireworks display, is to be in the best position. If you’re going to a pyrotechnics event or you will have your own fireworks at home, make sure to position your camera at the best place.

The best position is a 45-degree view angle relative to the ground. Make sure no trees, houses or buildings are blocking your view. Remember that if you are closer to the fireworks, you may need to have a wide-angle lens. In addition, if you stand further from the fireworks, you will create a lower angle. This means you may need more focal length. Therefore, make sure you’re in the right position to take photos of the pyrotechnics.

2. Prepare a Tripod

Stability is important in taking photos of fireworks so apart from using your camera’s built-in stabilization, prepare a tripod to add more stability. In addition, taking photos of fireworks will take more time. You don’t want to end up tiring your arms if you don’t use a tripod.

Furthermore, using a tripod is better at night since you will have a longer time of exposure to capture images. Any sturdy tripod will be a good match for your cameras. If you’re going to use your phone, look for a tripod that is suitable for your smartphones.

3. Decide what Camera to Use

You can use a professional camera like DSLR or compact cameras if you want. You can also use your Android, iPhone or tablet. Any device that can capture picture will do as long as you can put the camera settings in manual mode.


Setting your camera in manual mode is important to create awesome images of Fireworks display. Manual mode allows you to adjust ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. These features are important when taking photos at night. For example, you can set your ISO at 100, with a f/8 – f/11 aperture at ½ second. If you think your photos are still dim, you can vary the shutter speed while keeping the same aperture.

4. Framing

One of the hardest parts of taking photos of Fireworks display is working out where to aim your camera. You have to anticipate when the fireworks will take off and capture that display.

In framing, our tip is to look directly at the sky and observe. Set your camera early and when the fireworks burst you’re ready to capture it anytime. You may include the people in the background or you can just include the skyline in your framing and composition. Just remember to adjust your framing to your preference and capture at the right moment.

5. Turn off your Flash

Always remember to turn off your flash when taking photos of pyrotechnics display. The flash of your camera won’t do anything good in taking images of the fireworks. In addition, the flash can only reach a few meters so it won’t really help you in creating awesome pictures of Fireworks display.