Top 5 Little Known Google Service Apps You Should Know

Google wants to take control of people’s lives so that it continues dominating online. One of the ways they try to accomplish that is by introducing services to cater for activities you do daily. Google has also created many apps that people are already using regularly.

These include Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Drive, and a lot more. However, there are those Android apps that users rarely recognize. It is either they do not realize these Apps exist or they are just unwilling to use them.

Below is a list of 5 Google services that are rarely used by Android users.

1. Google Duo

Google Duo

This Google service is one of the latest releases from google though very few people use it. The video calling app is not getting popular as expected, even though it is pre-installed on latest smartphones.

Despite its shortcomings, the app is not that bad. Some of its useful features include stable quality videos, firm and straightforward connections, changes from mobile data to Wi-Fi automatically. All you will need is to create your contact, and then connect with the contact person anytime you need.

2. Google Cloud Print

Cloud Print

This App is another Google service that could be useful for your workplace and your house. Google Cloud Print can connect your printers to the service, then makes it available for use on your android phone and other devices. Nevertheless, we obtain lots of documents on our android phones these days.

It implies that anybody who has internet connection can get access to the connected printer. You can also handle the work files for every printer and share your printed files using your Google account.

3. Google Fit

Google Fit

Google also desires to know everything concerning your health. To appreciate this service, it provides a complete app you can use to manage your weight and daily routines. You can even monitor exercise such as running, walking, weightlifting, biking among others.

You can make exercise or even daily step goals, along with associating apps from other devices and businesses. This process can help you to access everything from one place to your Google account.

4. Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail

This Google service was significantly marketed by Google when it was initially released, but later got lost under everything else and few people use it these days. Most people prefer the traditional Gmail, and mainly use Inbox each day and would not substitute it for anything.

This app makes Gmail appearance to be a lot smarter. Similar to Google Now, it analyzes your emails by grouping them into more helpful categories, including identifying other items, such as deliveries and commitments.

You can intelligently use inbox by Gmail by rescheduling messages to check them up later. This process will free up your inbox, so you will not be bothered by constant alerts from new emails.

5. Google Images


Each day you perform google search a couple of times. At times, rather than thinking for a solution, we just Google it. Even though a picture is not always worth a thousand words, sometimes, it is exactly what people search.

With Google image search, you just drag a photo you need to know about its information in the search bar, and you get all the details about it.

All these Google Service Apps are just a few of rarely known apps which can improve productivity in your daily life.