Top 5 Smart Notification Apps for Android

Are you looking for best notification apps for android? Then, look no further as in this article we bring you the 5 best smart notifications apps for Android that you must check out!

Smart notifications improve the overall mobile experience of any Android smartphones. It also delivers an easy way to get updates from different apps and networks you have.

Learn the best smart notifications apps that you can use on your Android phones. Check them out below.

Top 5 Android Smart Notification Apps

1. Heads-up Notifications

Heads-up Notifications

Heads-up notifications app is one of our best smart notifications apps because of its no-nonsense approach and direct-to-the-point notifications. The app’s platform is straightforward and easy to understand.You can adjust test notifications, Heads-up, and settings of the app. In addition, you can filter apps, set notification by prioritization, and you can block apps. Moreover, you can change your notifications with the app’s great selection of themes. You can also adjust font’s size, opacity, and notifications position to your liking.

Available (Google Play)

2. Snowball


If you’re looking for smart notifications apps that enables you to set apart important updates from everything else, then Snowball is your best option. This app is a new notification app but it delivers outstanding efforts to make your notifications better.

Snowball replaces your default stock notification center. The app categorizes important notifications on your Android smartphone. Additionally, with this app, you can hide notifications to your preference.

Available (Google Play)

3. Dynamic Notifications


Dynamic Notifications is one of the best smart notifications apps that you can use even if your screen is off. When you want to turn off your phone but you still want to get important updates, you can use Dynamic Notifications app.

This app delivers new messages and notifications through a¬†discreet lighting of your screen. Moreover, you don’t need to unlock your phone when you are using this app. The app shows you the time, clock, and a lock button that you can use to open your notifications from different apps. Additionally, you can also press hold on a notification to see more details.

Available (Google Play)

4. Shouter


Shouter is one of the unique smart notifications apps available to download free at Google Play Store. The app works by reading your notifications for you.

If you’re too busy or too lazy to read your messages, Shouter can update you with message notifications by reading them to you. In addition, if someone is calling you, Shouter will shout out information to notify you. It uses the caller name to alert you of an incoming call. Moreover, you will also get notifications from a missed call with this app.

Available (Google Play)

5. Flash Notification 2


Flash Notification 2 is also one of our best smart notifications apps because of its distinctive features. Rather than the usual on-screen light notification, Flash Notification 2 uses the flash on your camera. It gives you update by drawing your attention to your camera flash.

With Flash Notification 2, you can tweak changes in intensity, duration, and color of your notification. It is unique and interesting in its own way. When you get a notification, the actual flash of your camera will blink and at the same time the border of your screen. In the event that your Android phone doesn’t have a camera flash, then flash notification 2 will automatically send signals through your screen monitor.

Available (Google Play)