[2023 Solved] How to Mirror Phone to Laptop (Android & iPhone)

Want a bigger screen than your phone while playing an app game? Yes, it’s possible with screen mirroring, a remarkable technology that can cast your iPhone or Android to your laptop. It allows you to send media from your phone and play app games on your laptop. But if you are wondering how the mirroring process works, this post will teach you four proven methods to mirror phone to laptop.

Part 1: Can I Mirror My Phone to My Laptop?

Many people want to mirror phone screen on laptop solely because they want to play games or use video streaming apps on a bigger screen. But there are certain limitations to screen mirroring from phone to laptop. One reason is that it may not work on some devices, or you may only be able to mirror one device at a time on your computer.

Therefore, the solution to screen mirroring phone to laptop for each device may differ. There are certain advantages to mirroring. You can share files from your phone without uploading them to your system and make phone calls or send text messages from your laptop.

If you are a gamer, you can enjoy playing games on a bigger screen, or if you are an app developer, you can check out your app’s passcode without using the mobile. Some people also mirror phone to laptop because they don’t want to go through the hassle of connecting a projector to their computer while giving a presentation. Using screen mirroring software can be a great way to cast your phone to your laptop. It offers a to mirror your phone anytime and anywhere. Keep reading to learn reliable methods for mirroring phone to laptop.

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Part 2: How to Screen Mirror Phone to Laptop?

If you are wondering, can I mirror my phone to my laptop because I want to stream video apps on a bigger screen? Yes, it’s possible to mirror your Android or iPhone on your computer. Check out the four methods below that we have discussed in detail:

Way 1: How to Cast my Phone to my Laptop

While looking for a mirroring solution, consider using Tenorshare Phone Mirror. You can use it to control multiple devices at one time on your laptop. It is free software that allows you to play mobile games, transfer files, and take screenshots on your laptop screen.

By using Tenorshare Phone Mirror, you’ll get several benefits.

  • Ability to record your phone videos and take screenshots directly on your laptop.
  • You can transfer files, use WhatsApp, make phone calls or send text messages on your laptop.
  • You can play mobile games like PUBG and Game for Peace on your computer.
  • It allows you to control up to five devices simultaneously on your computer.
  • It offers high-quality original screen resolution without a watermark.

Here’s how to display phone screen on laptop using Tenorshare Phone Mirror:

Tenorshare Phone Mirror

  • Download the Phone Mirror software on your laptop.
  • Connect your mobile to your laptop via USB.
  • Open the Phone Mirror and enable USB debugging.

mirror android phone using tenorshare phone mirror

  • You’ll be able to view the device name in the device list. Tap the “Mirror” button.

android phone screen mirroring

  • In a few seconds, your mobile screen will display on your laptop.

Way 2: How to Display Phone Screen on Laptop

Do you have a Samsung phone and thinking about how to mirror your phone to your laptop? There are different methods for screen mirroring, and one of them is Samsung Flow. Built by Samsung, it is an app for screen mirroring and is available to download for Samsung mobiles, laptops, tablets, and PC.

You can use it to share files and notifications with the Smart View feature. However, this app only works with Android 6.0 and higher. Here’s how to screen mirror phone to laptop using Samsung Flow:

  • Download and launch the Samsung Flow on your phone and laptop.
  • Connect both devices using the same WiFi.
  • Choose the Smart View option from the top menu on the interface and wait for your Samsung phone screen to display on your laptop.


  • You can only use Samsung Flow on Samsung devices and Android 6.0 version or higher.

samsung flow

Way 3: How to Mirror Phone Screen on Laptop

If you want to know how to connect phone screen to laptop, screen mirroring is the way to display its content on your system. Miracast is another excellent way to cast your phone to your laptop.

It allows seamless multimedia sharing between a phone and a laptop via a wireless network. Miracast is in-built into Windows 10, but you’ll have to ensure that your phone also supports Miracast. Here’s how to mirror phone to laptop using Miracast:

mirror phone to laptop using miracast

  • Turn on screen mirroring like Cast, Wireless Projection, or Smart View in your Android phone.
  • Connect your laptop and phone to WiFi.
  • On your laptop, head to Settings, choose Systems, then Projecting to this PC.
  • Next, Add an optional feature by searching for Wireless Display. Choose this feature and press Install to install it on your laptop.
  • Afterward, you can choose options preferences for Projecting to this PC option.
  • Look for Connect on your laptop option and open it to connect the two devices.
  • Allow the request, and you will soon see your Android phone screen on your laptop.


  • If you want to control your Android phone from your laptop, Miracast doesn’t allow it.
  • You can only use Miracast on Miracast-certified devices. So, use Tenorshare Phone Mirror in this case.

Way 4: How to Mirror your Phone to PC

If you are thinking about how to mirror my iPhone to my laptop, screen mirroring is the solution to your query. With the release of macOS 12, cell phone mirror to laptop is made even easier than before. You can now use AirPlay to mirror your iPhone to your Mac or even Apple TV.

AirPlay is developed by Apple Inc and is a proprietary wireless communication protocol suite that allows streaming videos, audio, and photos between Apple devices. Here’s how to use AirPlay to cast on your Mac computer:

screen mirroring using airplay to cast on mac

  • Open your iPhone and swipe on the Home Screen to access the control center.
  • Choose Screen Mirroring or Airplay.
  • Connect your Mac and iPhone to WiFi.
  • Your Mac computer name will appear on your iPhone. Press it, and soon your iPhone’s screen will display on your Mac.


  • You cannot use it for Android or Windows devices.
  • It allows only one device to connect with your Mac.
  • Video sharing is only available for Apple TV.

In these scenarios, you must have learned how limited when you do screen mirroring using official methods.  If you want to screen mirroring rapidly without limitations, Tenorshare Phone Mirror is a perfect choice. It is available to download for both iPhone and Android phones. Plus, it can control your phone via laptop.

Bottom Line

Screen mirroring is a perfect way to cast your Android or iPhone to your laptop and play app games, and stream videos. Hopefully, we have answered your query, “can I mirror my phone to my laptop” or “how to cast my phone to my laptop” in our post.

There are certain limitations to mirror phone to laptop as each device differs in type and brand. But Tenorshare Phone Mirror can help connect and control up to 5 iPhones or Android devices simultaneously to your computer. In addition, you can play games, transfer files, make phone calls or send texts on a bigger screen.