How to Improve Audio Quality on iPhone & Android

With the rise and advancement of Android and iOS devices in the society, entertainment has gone to the next level as well, in quality. Now, with a touch of the fingertip, you get music, movies and audio. Most Android and iOS devices now have inbuilt sound enhancement applications that boost sound quality of movies and music, giving users the satisfaction of quality sound and control.

enhance sound quality

Though some devices don’t come with the best or perfect audio output; but in these cases, there are various options to deal with this, like downloading and installing equalizer or sound enhancement apps for Android and iOS devices. Generally, there are 5 frequency bars in an Android equalizer, its ranges are from 60Hz to 14kHz. So the high-frequency meter represents the Treble and the lower ones are the Bass. The rest of the frequency ranges are Mid-range frequencies and they only give clarity to the sound.

Now for more clarity, here are a few steps you could take to enhance audio quality in your Android and iOS device.

How to Improve Sound Quality on Android and iPhone

1. Download a Good Equalizer App

This is undoubtedly a great start to your audio quality enhancement, in Android, you can visit the Google PlayStore and download sound equalizer apps, there are various sound equalizer apps in the Apple store. These equalizer apps also enable you the privilege of boosting the bass or tweaking the treble during playback. Applying an equalizer app to your music also helps you lower specific frequencies, for bass lovers, you can jack up the lower frequencies in the mix.

2. Enable Mono Audio for Headphones

This is mostly applicable for those who prefer listening to their music on headphones; you may have discovered some difference in sound quality as soon as you plug out your ear pod. You may lose out on the thrill of the music as you may not catch the beats or words, even though you’re listening attentively.

In Android phones (Android 7 / Nougat specifically) there is an option that can route both the left and right audio channels to play similarly in both the earbuds, this enhances the audio quality and lets users enjoy the sound in its glory.

You can turn on this option from the Accessibility option in the Settings tab. So, simply toggle the Mono Audio playback option ON.

3. Set Your iOS Built-in EQ to desired Output

You can equally boost sound output quality from your iPhone from the default equalizer options. In the case of iOS 7 devices, it is quite a different ball game as Apple parked its native equalizer app not within the Music app but in the Settings tab. There are various preset equalizer settings that give diverse audio quality to listeners; each setting is based on a different combination of midrange, bass, and treble adjustments, and they are named for the genre of music they work well with.

Once you select an equalizer option in the Setting, it automatically applies to every song you play on the device.

4. Download High-Quality Audio

Nowadays, audio files come in different download configurations and sound quality. This also applies to those who prefer offline songs, while ripping the music, it is recommended you do so using a higher bit rate, for quality audio output.

5. Set Equalizer Per Song

You can also explore equalizer settings in the iTunes. To do this, go to the Window, then select the Equalizer, this then displays the representation of the affected frequencies.

From this window, you can select the Treble Booster or the Bass Booster.

Now, to apply an equalizer setting to on a per-song basis, select the song and press Command-I, this will open the Get Info window. Select the Options tab, and you’ll see the adjustable settings for the song, go to the equalizer, you’ll see the preset setting, then select the setting you would like to use for the song and click OK. This will affect the setting to that particular song that whenever it is played, it will always play with that equalizer setting.

6. Stream High-Quality Audio

You sure can control the quality and sound of your music through the music app on your smartphone, especially when streaming is involved. For instance, when using Spotify, you can ramp up the quality of your streamed and downloaded music all the way up to ‘Thrilling’ through the setting on the page.

Google Play Music comes with an inbuilt streaming and equalizer settings, though this is only available in the Android version of the app, and also know that the higher the sound quality of your audio streaming, the more mobile data it will use up.