How to Fix Charging Issues on Galaxy S8 & S9

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 are one of the most elegant and costliest mobile devices produced by Samsung, and so if you succeed in procuring one for yourself, it would be quite irritating if it starts giving you certain technical issues. But sadly, hardly would you see any tech gadget without a technical hitch.

Although, charging issues are one of the commonest issues encountered by Android users, and even the mighty Galaxy S8 and S9 are not exempted from this. Nevertheless, most charging issues do not occur based on the same reasons.

It is reasonable that you try to find out the basic reason/s why your phone is not charging in the first place, sometimes it might be due to power fluctuations, power outlet issue or phone software error. But, for the basic issues that may have caused your Galaxy Smartphone to develop charging issues, there are possible solutions which I will proffer in this article to help you deal with them in your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9.

1. Change Cable

samsung galaxy s9 cable

Check your Galaxy S8 and S9 charging cable carefully. Damaged USB cables can cause your device to stop charging or charge slowly. If you are not sure the fault is emanating from the cable, just to be sure, try charging with another cable that you confirmed to be in good working condition, and if this attempt proves abortive then I think it is surely not from the cable.

2. Check out the Power Source

Power outlet

Most times, the main reason why your Galaxy phone is not charging is due to the malfunction of the power outlet. Not from the charger, not from the charging port, and not from the USB cable. Before taking any measures to evaluate your Galaxy phone for issues or errors because it’s not charging, check to make sure your power outlet is properly and securely fitted and that no wires are disconnected, cut or stripped.

3. Perform a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 Reset

This mostly works if the charging issue is due to a software error. A reboot can fix the charging issues of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9, though the solution may just be temporary. So I’ll suggest you carry out a factory reset. To do this, turn off the device, press and hold the power button, the volume up button, and the home button all at once; this will pop-up an android system recovery screen, select the ‘wipe data/factory reset’, select ‘yes – delete all data’, and upon completion, select ‘reboot system now’. If the charging issue is software-error based, it should be back to normal.

4. Check for “Moisture Detected” Error

Samsung S8 Moisture Charging Port

The Galaxy S8 and S9 are water and dust resistant, so when it detects certain moisture in the device or in its charging port, this would restrain the device from charging. This procedure was pre-installed in the device as a precautionary measure to avoid further hardware damage in the device due to the detected moisture. So as soon as you start seeing this error message in your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9, the best thing to do is to air-dry the phone; just place it in an upright position on a table or dry and flat surface, and leave it for one or two hours to dry. You should make sure the device is turned off during this process.

Though, in case of emergency and you badly need to charge and use the phone, you can make use of a wireless charger, as this error message does not pop-up while charging wirelessly.

5. Wireless Charger Not Charging?

Wireless Charging S9

If the wireless charger doesn’t work on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 device, then you should resort to charging it with a wired charger. And if it is still not charging with a wireless charger, consult a technician or take back to your point of purchase.

6. Perform a System Dump

Conducting a system dump corrects/restores the panel of the phone. This can also work in cases of software related issue leading to charging error. To perform a system dump on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 simply follow these steps: Open the dialer, type (*#9900#), tap on the low battery dump (you can locate this option at the bottom of the screen), then tap the “Turn on” option.

7. Consult a Technician

If these tips fail, then I recommend you visit a Samsung certified technical outlet or kiosk, and if your device is still covered by warranty, you could receive a replacement.