How to Fix Headphone Jack Not Working Issue

Sometimes, you find yourself hearing music from your phones while your headphones are still connected. This could only mean problems with your headphones or problems with headphone jacks. If you’re looking for a simple guide to solve this kind of problem, then you’ve come to the right page.

Here’s a simple but effective method to fix headphone jack on your smartphones.

Tips to Fix Headphone Jack Not Working Issue

1. Confirm if the Problem is really the Headphone Jack

Sometimes the problem lies on the headphones and not the headphone jack. To confirm this, you have to use other headphones.

Connect a different headphone to your smartphone and try listening to a music. If you don’t have any problem with hearing music by using another headphone, then most likely the problem is not your headphone jack. If this happens, you may need to buy a new headphone or if you have a spare headphone, you can use that.

However, if you try using a different headphone and you can’t hear any sound coming from your smartphone, the problem lies on your headphone jack. Therefore, you need to do some simple remedies. You can try cleaning your headphone jack.

2. Clean your Headphone Jack

When you always put your phones in your pocket, the headphone jack can accumulate dirt and gunk. If this happens, you need to clean your headphone jack.

You can try blowing the dirt off, or you can use a compressed air can to remove the dirt. If this doesn’t work, you can also try using a cotton swab.

The first thing you need to do is to remove most of the cotton from the tip of the cotton swab. Then, apply a few amount of alcohol to wet the cotton swab. Insert the swab into the headphone jack and twist it slowly to clean the jack.

Another method of cleaning is by using a paper clip. If the dirt is a bit large and hard, you can try using a paperclip to remove it. Just make sure to put your phone in an upright position to help remove the dirt by gravity. However, you must be careful in using a paperclip because it can damage or harm your headphone jack. To be safe, you can stick with using a cotton swab.

3. Remove any Bluetooth Connection

If you paired your smartphone with another device via Bluetooth, your smartphone will disable your headphone jack. If this is the case, try turning off your Bluetooth.

You just need to go to the settings tab, look for Bluetooth connection and turn it off.  After you do this, insert your headphone into your headphone jack and try listening to a music. If you still can’t hear the music from your phone, then the Bluetooth connection is not the problem of your headphone jack.

4. Call for Professional Help

If the above methods don’t work on your headphone jack, then it’s time you ask for professional help to fix headphone jack problems. You can try calling a service center and ask them what you need to do.

Moreover, you can also bring your phone to the service center and let the professional examine your phone. They have the right skills to assess your phone properly and they will know what to do with your headphone jack. They can suggest a replacement or just a simple repair.