How to Fix Camera Shaking Problem in iPhone 7/8/X

Apple products particularly iPhone 7, 8 and X are designed with the best cameras. In fact, the image quality was enhanced when the iPhone 7 was introduced with the rear/front camera. To capture excellent photos with iPhone it is crucial for the focus tool to function properly. But sometimes the iPhone 7/iPhone 8/iPhone X camera is shaky while taking photos.

The results you get from the shaky camera are blurry photos, which is frustrating when you consider the amount you invest in the phone.

There are fixes that you can use to solve the shaking problems in your iPhone 7, X and 8 so that your camera can work perfectly and give you the best quality photos you want to have. Below we have prepared some of the ways to fix this issue.

How to fix Shaky Camera problem on iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus

1. Take out the iPhone 7/7 Plus cover

If you are using a camera case, it could be one that is causing all the problems, especially if the case is loose on your iPhone. This may cause the camera to produce blurry and poor-quality photos. Take out the case to see whether you can get some improvements with the images the camera produces or whether the shaking problem can be solved. Sometimes covering your iPhone with a case that doesn’t fit well could cause some issues with your camera and if you take it out could solve the shaking problem.

2. Remove any dirt that might have accumulated on your iPhone 7/7 Plus camera lens

The lens of a phone camera is exposed to dirt most of the time when using it. If your phone camera leans is not clear, it will produce unclear or blurry images. It is important to ensure the lens on your iPhone is dust-free. To clean the lens you need to use a soft cloth in fact, microfiber is the best to do the work properly. This will solve the shaking problems so that you can capture clear images.

3. Lock the focus if it keeps shaking

If your camera is still shaking while capturing images and you still find the images captured blurry, locking the focus on specific object that you want to capture might solve the shaking problem. Note that when you lock the focus, even if your iPhone shakes, it will still focus on the object you want to capture.

4. Restart the camera app again

The camera app could be the one causing the shaking problem thus producing blurry photos. To solve the problem, you need to exit the Camera app and then open it again.

5. Tap the top of the iPhone lightly

You might do the simplest things to fix camera shaking problem in iPhone 7, 8, X. Here, you just need to upturn the phone and lightly tap it with your hand. It should be able to solve the problem.

6. Reboot your iPhone

Many a time, some iPhone features could start malfunctioning after a long time of use at a stretch. You can solve the problem by restarting it and switching it on after some few minutes.

7. Factory-reset your iPhone

The last step after all the above have failed, you just need to factory reset your iPhone iOS. However, you should ensure you have backed up your data, and then navigate to your Settings and clear all settings to start afresh. This should fix the problem.

How to fix Shaky Camera problem on iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X and 8 are the best phones in the world when it comes to camera. These devices capture beautiful photos that can even rival high end photography cameras  devices such as DSLR.

However, there are problems with these new iPhones especially when you use FaceTime when video calling. Many users have been complaining that their iPhone camera keeps on shaking during FaceTime video calling.

Below are some of the fixes to solve the shaking problem in your iPhone X and 8.

1. Switch off the portrait mode in your iPhone

The iPhone X and 8 cameras are good when used in low light unless you’ve turned on Portrait Mode. Note that you are using two cameras; wide-angle lens and other one telephoto lens. The first one has an f/1.8 aperture that is used to allow light to enter and the telephoto lens has an f/2.8 aperture that is not good in the dark. Now that Portrait Mode requires capturing your images using the two lenses, the low-light can cause problems. If you turn off Portrait Mode, you may find that the shaking problem is solved.

2. Hard restart your iPhone

If the above fix doesn’t solve the problem, you can as well force your iPhone to restart so that you can kill all other processes and this could fix the shaking issue. To hard restart your iPhone, press and hold the Sleep and Home button together for about 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo appearing on the screen.

3. Restore iPhone to factory settings

Note that you must ensure to back up your data before you restore your iPhone to factory settings because this method will clear all data stored in your device. The best way is to back up with iCloud or iTunes.

  • Sign out of iCloud to remove Activation Lock
  • Navigate to Settings then hit Reset >hit Erase All Content Settings
  • Restore your iPhone from back up or iCloud.

4. Swap your LED lights

Note that the shaking issue could not be a problem with your iPhone itself but the LED light that flashes when you take pictures particularly when you are on poor-quality LED feature. If this is the cause of the problem, you just need to remove the LED light and install a new one.

We hope the above steps will help you to fix camera shaking problem in your iPhone 7, 8 and X.  However, if all the fixes fail, you should consider contacting Apple’s customer support.