How to Fix Blurry Photo Quality on iPhone

If you find out that your iPhone’s camera is capturing blurry photos, there could be a problem with your camera focusing on objects. However, sometimes, the problem could be caused by the user and not the phone camera itself

blurry photo issue on iphone

In this post we will show you how to minimize blurry photo issue in iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

How to Fix Blurry Photo Problem on iPhone  7

1. Clean the camera lens

Sometimes dirt could accumulate on your camera lens as a result of dust or when you touch it with your fingerprints which could make your device to produce photos that are blurry. Doing some simple maintenance on your phone could solve the blurry photo issue. Ensure to clean the lens and prevent it from coming into contact with dust.

2. Take out your iPhone case if you have one

There are different phone cases and some are poorly made and they could affect the performance of some parts of your phone especially the camera. The phone case could be blocking the lens. Try to take out the case if you have one to see whether the camera works well.

3. Soft reset your iPhone

There are fixes that may sound simple but could help fix blurry photo issue in your device. Ensure you try to do even the simple soft reset.

To soft reset your iPhone

  • Press and hold the Power Button until you see the slide to power off message on your screen.
  • Slide the Power switch so that your device can go off.
  • Once your device is switched off, press and hold the Power button again until you see the Apple logo on your screen, and then release the phone to start.

4. Lock the focus if it keeps on moving

Apple knows that there are people who are new when it comes to using their devices and so they provide an option to lock the focus. This feature is very helpful especially if you have shaky hands or if the object you want to capture keeps on moving.

To lock the focus:

  • Start the camera app
  • Focus on the object you want to capture
  • Tap and hold the object on your device screen – This will cause the phone to lock the focus on the specific object
  • Capture the object.

5. Reset your device Settings

If your iPhone is still taking blurry photos, try to reset all settings on your phone. This will return all settings to default and could fix the problem.

To reset all settings:

  • Go to Settings then Tap General and Select Reset.
  • On the new menu that appears, tap Reset All Settings
  • Enter your passcode if asked
  • Tap Reset All Settings again to confirm your action
  • Do a factory reset of the phone

The last step is to wipe all the data on your device. However, ensure you back up your data before you do this.

Here is how to do a factory reset of your device

  • Go to Settings
  • Pres General
  • Press Reset
  • Press Erase All Content and Settings
  • Enter your passcode if asked
  • Press Erase iPhone

If you’ve tried any of these methods and the problem still persists,  the best way of solving the issue is by taking advantage of your iPhone 7/iPhone 7 plus warranty to seek a replacement.

How to fix blurry photo problem on iPhone 8

If you are getting blurry photos on your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, follow the steps we explained for iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus first to see whether you can fix the issue. The issue could be caused by similar problems so it’s good to try the options that might possibly solve the blurry photo issue on your iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 plus.

Sometimes it could be a problem with your camera lens. Check to make sure there is no object blocking the lens. If there is dust accumulating on your lens, ensure to wipe it using a soft cloth.

If the blurry photo issue still persists after following the above steps, you may want to try the tips we have listed below.

Check the software Settings. For instance, you need to turn on stabilization. If this feature is not turned on, your iPhone 8 could produce blurry photos. If this does not still fix the issue follow the steps below

  • Power on your device
  • Press Settings and then select General
  • Locate and tap
  • Enter your Apple ID and password if asked
  • Your phone should start the reset process
  • Once your iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus has completed the reset process, it will display the welcome screen.
  • Once the device is on, try to take photos to see whether the issue is fixed.

How to fix blurry photo issue on iPhone X

1. Follow the tips for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

To fix blurry photo issue in iPhone X, you can follow our tips on iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. If after trying any of the above methods and the problem still persists, follow the next step.

2. Reset your device settings

Try resetting all your device settings to their default. This returns the settings to the state when you bought your device.

  • Tap Settings and then press General
  • Press Reset and then tap Reset All Settings
  • Enter your passcode if prompted and then tap Reset All Settings to confirm your action.

3. Adjust the focus manually

iPhones are designed to focus the camera automatically by detecting the face. This could cause problems especially if you are taking a picture of an object that doesn’t have a face because your device will fail to focus on the object which will result in blurry photos. Set the focus manually to see whether it can fix the issue.

We hope our fixes will help you to solve the blurry photo issue in iPhone 7/7 plus, 8/plus and X. However, if the problem still persists, we recommend contacting Apple’s Customer Support for further assistance.