How to Fix a Water Damaged Smartphone

Some time ago, I saw some statistics which said that a particular percentage of people have already dropped their phones in the toilet at least once. Fortunately, it never happened to me and I hope it never happens to you. For this reason, I recommend you never use your phone in the bathroom. If you really need to use your phone there, be cautious, and, if you, unfortunately, end up dropping your phone in the toilet, take a look at this guide.

how to fix a water damaged phone

We will teach you how to fix a water damaged phone. Of course, if you have waterproof smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy S8, you will not have this problem. We have some reviews of this phone here on SlashDigit. We also have a guide that teaches how to fix it, but now we will teach you even more.

The First Thing You Must Do Is Taking the Water Damaged Phone Out of Water!

Although it may be hard to react immediately when your precious phone falls in water, you must put your hand in the toilet and take it out. Even though it is gross, you have to save your phone, right? Once you got your phone, turn it off immediately. It may minimize the damage. It is also good to take out the battery. Furthermore, there are some do’s and don’ts after you take it out the water.

What You Should Not Do After Dropping It in Water

  • Considering electrical components do not work well with water, do not turn on the phone. You should turn it off instead.
  • Also, do not plug the phone.
  • Do not press any keys because it could push water further into the phone.
  • Moreover, do not shake or blow it. For that reason, avoid using blow dryers.
  • Furthermore, do not apply any heat to the phone: Excessive heat can damage the phone.
  • Finally, do not move the water damaged phone too much. It can move the water around inside the phone.

Remove Everything that is User-removable

The first step is to disassemble your phone, but only the parts that a normal user can remove. Do not take the phone apart! Open it and remove the battery, SD card, and SIM card. Then, dry them all with a paper towel. Just consider taking the phone apart if you are experienced with this kind of thing. It could void your warranty, for example. Be aware that if you do not know how to do it, you could cause even more harm to the phone.

Now, You Have to Dry It Out

As it was stated in our other guide here you can dry out your phone by putting it in a jar full of rice for two or three days. Rice is one good option to dry out your phone because it is available in most homes and it is good at absorbing humidity. Thus, it can dry out your phone very rapidly. Another option that is even better is silica gel pack. It usually comes with shoes or electronic boxes. They are little balls made of silica gel and they are very good at absorbing humidity. They are even better than rice. You can find them on Amazon or eBay.