How to Fix Galaxy S22 Battery Drain Issue

Samsung Galaxy S22/S22+/S22 Ultra is the newest addition to the premium smartphone series of Samsung. With an excellent display, premium camera, and powerful processor, it is one of the best smartphones that you can find on the market.

However, even though this is an excellent device, it has its own share of flaws. One of the major flaws that many users have complained about is the battery drain issue. Even if Samsung is providing batteries that can compete with every other flagship model out there, people are still complaining about battery drain.

This is a common problem that has been observed in all the models of the Galaxy S22 series.

There are several factors that might be responsible for this issue, like background apps, display, faulty charger, etc.

Let us take a look at the reasons for battery drain in Galaxy S22 series in detail and discover some solutions to fix this issue.

Why Your Battery Is Draining Fast

1. Using the phone when it is charging

We have developed a very bad habit of sticking to our phones all the time. So, even if our phone is charging, we keep on using it continuously.

If you keep on using the device when charging, the battery is not only charging but discharging as well. This will not only cause your battery to charge slower, but it can also damage the battery. This can lead to faster battery drain.

Samsung S22 comes with a 40W fast charger. So, your phone can charge up very fast. It is better to leave the phone alone when it is recharging.

2. Always-on display

Samsung Galaxy S22 models come with 120 Hz AMOLED displays. While AMOLED displays are far more efficient than LCD screens, they still consume battery. The consumption increases even more due to the high refresh rate of the display.

While the always-on display is extremely helpful to see the time and notifications, it still consumes the battery all the time.

3. Software Issues

Sometimes it is the software that is responsible for high battery drain. Maybe the UI consumes too much battery, or maybe you are using an outdated application that consumes a lot of battery.

4. Background Apps

While apps running in the background give us a ton of benefits, they also drain up your battery very fast. Even if you manually close an app, a process still runs in the background – so your battery is still getting drained.

5. Using improper chargers

Just as the subheading suggests, if you are using a charger that is not compatible with your device, it will not charge your battery properly. This can not only lead your phone to charge slower but discharge faster as well. Plus, it will slowly damage your battery.

Tips to Fix Galaxy S22 Battery Drain Issue

Here are some things that you can do to ensure that your battery lasts longer.

1. Use a charger that is approved by Samsung

If your original charger has been damaged, and you are using some other charger, then maybe that’s why your phone is draining so quickly.

Different batteries have different ways of charging, and using the wrong chargers can seriously damage your battery.

You must make sure that you are buying Samsung chargers or chargers approved by Samsung – even if they cost a bit more than other chargers.

2. Reboot your device

While smartphones work perfectly even without you shutting them down, it is better to reboot them once or twice a week.

If a smartphone operates continuously, lots of background processes get accumulated. Rebooting your device will turn off some of these processes, thus reducing your battery drain.

Simply power off the device using the power button on the side. Wait for a few seconds. And then power it back on.

3. Disable always-on display and reduce the brightness

If you go to your phone’s settings and take a look at the battery consumption, you will see that the display is one of the biggest culprits.

AMOLEDs are efficient but still consume battery. So, it is better to reduce the amount of charge consumed by the display – especially since your battery is discharging quickly.

The very first thing to do is to turn off the always-on display.

Go to Settings and search for Always On Display. In the next window, you can tap the switch to turn it off. One more thing that you can do is to adjust the settings of the always-on display. This way, you can keep AOD on while reducing battery consumption.

Other than that, reduce the brightness. This will not only reduce battery consumption, but it is good for your eye as well.

Pull down the notification bar and use the slider to reduce the brightness as much as possible.

If you reduce the brightness, you may face one little problem. You will have a hard time reading the contents on the screen if you are standing in direct sunlight. Instead of increasing the brightness, you can use a matte screen protector. They help in improving visibility under direct sunlight.

4. Keep mobile data and location services off

Even if you don’t use the internet, your battery will drain faster if you keep your mobile data on. So, it is better to turn it off after you are done surfing the internet.

The same goes for location. While keeping the location services on helps you in some ways, it can consume a lot of battery. Plus, keeping the location services on all the time is not good for your privacy. So, it is better to turn it off when not needed.

5. Update the software present on the phone

Faulty apps are often the main culprits behind high battery drain. Go to your battery settings and check out which apps are consuming too much battery.

Always keep the apps and software present in your phone updated. If you see that an app is consuming too much battery even after updating it, reinstall it. If this doesn’t solve anything, uninstall the app, and contact the developer.

Also, don’t forget to install any updates provided by Samsung.

What If None of The Solutions Above Work?

While these are the best ways to reduce battery drain in Galaxy S22, some other factors might be responsible for this issue.

There is a chance that this is a fault from the manufacturer’s side since a lot of users are complaining about the same thing.

You can do a factory reset after you take a backup of your important stuff. This might help in clearing out the apps and programs that were using up your battery.

You should wait for a while until Samsung releases an update to fix this issue. If the problem is not fixed even after the update, you should go to your nearest authorized service center.